Hollywood HardBall

Paul Katami
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball, Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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This workout was fairly challenging, but thankfully the time didn't drag due to the workout format. As described by the other reviewer, after the warmup, there are three, 15-minute segments. Each segment is composed of 5 minutes of cardio followed by 10 minutes of weight training and then a 1 minute burnout. The first 2 weight training segments keep your heart rate nicely elevated because they involve compound weight moves (my favorite!), whiel the 3rd weight training segment is "heavy weight training" (my least favorite). I used a 7# Zobi (which is a soft pyramid-shaped weight) for all the medicine ball segments except the "under knee pass") and 8# weights for most of the handweight segments, which resulted in a great sweat.

I found this helpful breakdown on an Amazon review (credit to Peter Tsang):

Warm up [medicine ball]
Lunge, with reach
Squat, with reach
Bat swing
Jumping jacks, with press

[Medicine ball]
Step touch
Slalom hop
Skate, with chop, with hop
Shuffle, slow run, run
Power squat, with drive

[Light dumbbells]
Alternating front lunge
Side squat
Back lunge
Alternating front lunge with biceps curl
Side squat with lateral raise
Back lunge with triceps kickback
Alternating front lunge 3 & 1
Side squat 3 & 1
Back lunge 3 & 1
Alternating front lunge 3 & 1 with biceps curl
Side squat 3 & 1 with lateral raise
Back lunge 3 & 1 with triceps kickback

[Medicine ball]
Crawling push up
Double dribble/bounce
Lateral lunge with lateral toss
Under knee pass
Catch and shoot
180 ball sweep

[Light dumbbells]
Lateral lunge
Lateral lunge with reach
Lateral lunge with double reach
Lateral lunge with row
Lateral lunge with reverse fly
Lunging chop
Back lunge with overhead press
Back lunge hold with triceps extension

[Medicine ball]
Double squat/repeater knee

[Double up on your light dumbbells]
Single bent over row
Single biceps curl
Overhead press
Triceps extension, with balance
Wide row
Outside biceps curl
Forward overhead press
Wide triceps extension
Plie push
Plie hold with curl

[Medicine ball]
Ball push up

Cool down stretches

Instructor Comments:
As always, Paul is encouraging, personable and motivating, and provides helpful form pointers along the way.



This is a circuit style workout that alternates 5 min cardio with 10 min muscle conditioning with dumb bells. The cardio is athletic style drills without choreography (and I think it's mostly low impact also). Weight work is high rep, low weight (I used 8 and 10 pounds throughout). A weighted ball is also used in both the cardio and weight secions. I used a 6# ball and will probably get a 3 or 4 pounder for the faster and more dynamic movements. He does an exercise that moves the ball under lunged legs . . . my ball was too big to keep in my hands.

I LOVED this workout. I typically prefer "advanced" DVD's and I would say this one is advanced. I found it to be very challenging. It kept my HR in my target zone throughout (even in the weight sections). I felt I got a great workout.

I highly recommend this workout.

The con: Music is for background only, not motivation. There is a music off option. Also, there aren't premixes or chapters.

Instructor Comments:
Paul is encouraging and informative throughout. He explains the exercises thoroughly and give excellent form cues for each exercise.