YogaWorks For Everybody: Fit Abs

Billy Asad, Jessie Schein
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Yoga

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This dvd has a 10 minute yoga ab routine led by Jessie and a 40 minute yoga flow routine led by Billy. You can play all or select a section. You won't need any props for this w/o though one exerciser shows modifications w/ a block or band. The set has a super cute "studio gym" feel to it and there are a group of background exercisers.

YogaWorks Fit Abs: leads us through a nice 10 minute yoga ab routine that includes moves such as: bicycles, yoga inspired crunches, planks, cat cow, down dog w/ knee pulls and leg extensions, up dog into planks, etc. I really enjoyed the work in this one and though Jessie wouldnt be a fav instructor personality-wise, her cuing and form pointers were very good & I really enjoyed the work and flow of this section.

YogaWorks Core Yoga Flow: Billy leads this classic flowing 40 minute yoga routine. The first 1/2 of the workout is n active flowing sun salutation series that includes plenty of variations. The second 1/2 is seated, where you hold relaxing poses & stretches. Work include: down dog, planks, forward bends, Mt pose, high lunge, up dog, warrior variations, triangle pose, boat pose, seated twist, belly back bends, seated leg stretches, butterfly pose, knee drops, low back stretch, and ends with corpse pose. Billys form & cuing were also very good.

I would say this workout is aimed more at a yoga newbie/ yoga beginner, though I think it could easily adapt to all fitness levels especially because they show beginner to advanced modifications in the "class." Both instructors obviously know their stuff and were great with cuing and form/ breath pointers. The dvd is very verstatile- you can do a 10-50 minute workout. I really liked the ab section & will be doing it often! I received this dvd from ExerciseTV to review.