Core Transformer 3D 1,000 Calorie Burn Kit

Raneir Pollard
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Abs/Core , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

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I really like this workout. Using the specialized band really increases the intensity and I can feel my muscles working all over my body. I do the best I can and end up modifying down with some moves, especially with my shoulders. Whenever I stop the workout, I feel it in my muscles for awhile afterward - a good thing for me.

The first 20 minutes are pretty mindless, repeating the same movements over and over. However, they are effective and I feel my muscles well. Things get more interesting the second 20 minutes as they mix the moves more and introduce more of a variety of them. Raneir Pollard leads the workout. There are two background exercisers, including Linda LaRue, the creator of the workout and the background exerciser that shows modifications. They all add to the workout in their own way.

Instructor Comments:
He does well leading the workout. Sometimes, I wish he would give modifications a little faster, but he does give detailed instructions and options as he goes.

Laura S.


This is a great workout! I'm a busy mom and some days it's hard to fit in a 60 minute workout like I would like to, but the 20 min workout still leaves me feeling like I got a great workout in a short time! Whether you have 20, 40, or 60 minutes to work out, you will feel your heart rate rise and see results after doing these videos!



This 60 minute total body workout led by Raneir featuring the Core Transformer tubing device. Terry Ann & Linda LeRue are b/g’ers & Linda shows beginner modifications. The set is a cute little gym w/ lockers & fitness paraphernalia around the perimeter. The dvd is broken up so you can complete a 20, 40, or 60 minute w/o. You will use your Core Transformer for the entire workout & won’t need any other equipment.

20 Min W/O: Raneir starts each move off at a slower tempo, then ups the tempo, and adds in plyos to many of the moves. After a quick warmup you move into squats that go into plyo squats, clock squats (move your arms in wide circles while squatting) into a plyo version, crabwalks w/ arm movements into plyos, and finishes with a long set of runners lunge knee pulls.

40 Min W/O: Includes the first 20 minutes and then adds in squat w/ wide chest pulls and adds a balance side left, knee pull w/ a torso twist, a fun golf swing w/ a squat, wood chop squat, standing crunches, figure 8’s adding in plyos, rear leg lift- front arm raise squats, chair pose w/ high Y arms, and a twisted chair pose to really burn out those abs.

60 Min W/O: After finishing the 40 minutes above you now perform each move at tempo and he adds in plenty of plyo moves to really burn those calories. The workout concludes with a nice quick stretch.

Using the Core Transformer with this w/o REALLY amps up the intensity! With the exception of the plyo’s there is literally NO impact and yet my heart rate was up up up! Using the Core Transformer definitely worked my muscles in a new & different way- which is great for variety & fun as well as muscle confusion. I would rate this a low advanced w/o that really targets the core. I consider this a great core cardio w/o that includes some band strength work as well. I received this kit to review.