Amira's Bellydance 101

Amira Mor
Year Released: 2005

Categories: Bellydance

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This is an 80 minute dvd that is chaptered exceptionally well. You can play all or select the chapter you want to perform. You won't need any props for this workout, though a nice bellydancing outfit would be fun! Amira works out alone on a really cool set w/ Indian type veils hung around. Each segment she is wearing a different fabulous bellydancing outfit. The dvd is voiceover and includes instructional chapters along w/ a full dance routine chapter. Also included is a wonderful dance perfomance that is amazing to watch or follow along to.

This dvd has very detailed instruction, making it easy to understand and grasp each move. Amira does an excellent job of teaching each move without being boring or repetitive at all. This is the 1st instructional type dvd that I have actually enjoyed. Each chapter focuses on a specific bellydancing move & the combination section allows you to put the moves you've learned into practice.

The chapters are introduction, position, warmup, head and shoulders, chest, hips, shimmies, combination, and stretch. The moves you will perform in the combination include: snake arms, hip lifts, figure 8's, Egyptian shimmy, shimmy, body wave, shoulder rolls, hip slides, chest rolls, etc. Before beginning, I was leary that I would actually be able to follow along in the combination section (I am not a good dancer), but I am happy to report that I did pretty darn good.

The entire dvd was a lot of fun & I look forward to practicing more & really mastering the moves. Many of the sections provided a great core workout and I really enjoyed Amira's teaching style. This dvd is really appropriate for all fitness levels IMO. Amira is very obviously a skilled bellydancer and instructor and that shines through in this dvd.