Turbo Sport 2

Jenelle Summers
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Abs/Core , Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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Wow. This is a tough workout, right up there with the Fires in Turbo Fire. This workout is non-stop, and I would definitely say advanced level cardio. It is structured like other TK Rounds: Warm Up (standard TK/TF Warmup stuff but a more athletic style), Punches, Kicks, Punches and Kicks, Turbo, Recovery, Finale, Legs, Push Ups and Abs. I only did the cardio portions of this workout so I can't comment on the sections beyond legs. The leg section is more like lower body focused cardio, not actual lower body exercises. Turbo Sports are like TF/TK/TJ but they are very athletic in nature, there is no booty shaking, grinding or as another VFer fondly called it "air humping" in this workout. The cueing is ok...to be honest Jenelle does make a few mistakes but despite the few confusing moments, this workout is awesome.

Instructor Comments:
Jenelle is a little less "showy" than Chalene, in amazing shape and just seems really nice. I look forward to Turbo Sport 3!