Keeping Fit Cardio

Andrea Metcalf
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This review is for Andrea Metcalf's three workouts: Keeping Fit Cardio, Keeping Fit Pilates, and Keeping Fit Strength. I just didn't have enough to say about each on individually! :-)

Cardio: The cardio was basic, low impact, and a lot of fun! Another reviewer compared this to Petra Kolber or Chris Freytag, and I concur. There was a great deal of toning (side squats, lunges, etc.) but still enough cardio to make you feel like you got a good workout!

Pilates: While I really like the idea of Pilates, I find many Pilates workouts to be ... well ... boring. This was a very happy exception! Andrea's matter-of-fact personality and non-traditional moves made this feel more like a low-impact toning workout rather than a traditional Pilates workout. I enjoyed this one and can definitely see it being a regular part of my workout routine.

Strength: The strength workout includes both standing and floor work. There are a lot of compound moves (squatting while lifting dumbbells overhead) and some really good arm work. I had to pause the DVD a few times to get some water! The floorwork includes planks and several interesting variations on the planks. Finally, you are rewarded for all of your hard work with a wonderful stretch.

Music/Setting: The setting is the same for all three workouts -- bright and airy. It looks like someone's modern living room (i.e., the staircase and stark plant behind here), very neat and clean. The music was very good. No "thump-thump-thump" stuff (that I normally like, LOL!), but some nice vocals, some occasional drums ... interesting enough to notice, but not to distract.

Instructor Comments:
Andrea has a really pleasant personality, and I hope she puts out more workouts!

Debbie J


A little about myself. Lifetime low intermediate exerciser. I exercise because it is good for me, not because I just can’t live without it.
I generally wouldn’t know if an instructor was on beat or not.
I don’t mind TIFTing (taking it from the top) and I generally encourage it.
I live for mirror cuing. I don’t enjoy complex choreo. I like fun-for-me choreo, but I don’t want to be frustrated.

A little about the set. Very nice. A warm loft feel.
Andrea is wearing a blue Lucy tank top, black pants, adorable shoes and a charming smile. She is by herself. She chats with you the whole time, but it deals with the workout itself and is encouragement or telling you how to modify. This is easily modifiable, whether you want to modify up or down. Your feet don't have to leave the ground if you don't want them to, or you can pplyo your heart out.
Andrea is warm and encouraging. She cues well enough but doesn’t give a primer on the moves; but with the moves she uses, she shouldn’t have to.
While I think her intent is to mirror cue, she sometimes mixes it up a little bit. But since she rarely references “left” or “right” it is not that confusing. Just turn the way she turns and you are okay.

The workout itself is broken down into ten five-minute blasts. From the title page they are denominated as Warm-up (which is a nice, active warm-up); Two Step Chug; Sumo Squat Attack; Boxing Basics; Dig It Skate; Pony Old School; Box Ring Power; Hollywood Dance; Box Beat Stomp; Cool Down (a nice active stretch).
The listing above actually describes what you are going to be doing pretty well. You are either kickboxing or dancing.

The choreography is not tricky. While I am not the best person to say it, I think everything is on beat. The music is fine. I don’t think it is going to be something you rush to add to your iPod, but it is not “Everybody,” either.
There is TIFTing, TIFTing and more TIFTing. When she says “one more” she really doesn’t mean it. Usually when she says “one more set,” she means it, though.
There are squats and lunges throughout, but they are not deep lunges and deep
squats. Again, easily modified if you want.

Generally while I was doing this workout, I could see Michelle Dozois, Chris Freytag, or Petra Kolber leading this workout. But I was just fine with Andrea doing it. Some of the moves were very reminiscent of the TJ 20-minute workout.

There are bonus features mentioned, but the bonus features are clips of other Acacia workouts, Petra’s Cardio for Beginners and I think it is Violet Zaki doing Weight Loss Cardiokick.

All in all, I liked it.