Dance With Me: Cardio Fit

Billy Blanks Jr.
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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I liked the choreography in the dance sections. I just didn't like the cardio bursts. I wanted a all dance workout and I didn't like the bursts because they were high impact with no modifier. Music was OK, not as good as say turbofire, but better than some of the other dance workouts I have done. I really wanted to like this one but I wish it didn't have the cardio bursts.

Instructor Comments:
I like Billy, he's friendly and cues well, with good energy



This is a 50 minute dvd that has three 12 minute cardio "dance" segments (Hip Hop, Country, & Bollywood), a warmup, and a cooldown. You can select an individual segment or mix and match. The dance segments (hip hop, country, and Bollywood) are pretty easy to catch onto and fairly low impact. Billy leads with his wife Sharon and 5 other b/g'ers in a cute "studio" looking fitness room. You wont need any equipment for this workout. The dvd also includes a seperate breath tutorial.

The music is instrumental & fits each segments theme. I think a few times through and most would be able to get the choreo down pat. The workouts are built add on style so there is some TIFTing. Each workout ends with a 2 minute high impact/ intensity "cardio burst" that really got my heart rate up! Between moves, Billy has you go to "home base" and basically free style within each workouts theme (a good time to amp up the intensity IMO).

Hip Hop: This was moderate intensity & moderate choreo. Moves include: row it, "whats up," step forward and rock step, side step, step touches, bounce step, & a patty cake (in the hood) move. The cardio burst is a fun fat burner and includes: running back, pony, and a twist.

Country: I thought this was the most cardio intensive & easiest to catch onto. I'm not a huge country fan but this section was a lot of fun!!! Moves include: a grapevine with a heel-toe move, boot slap, chasse (cow poke), boot scuff, & a double step touch w/ a twirl. Shari leads the cardio burst and moves include: fast feet, jump rope, side knee ups, and jacks.

Bollywood: This workout was fun & unique. The most choreographed & still a good cardio w/o. Moves include: bollywave, bollyrock, a screw in the lightbulb move, a jack variation, bollywood style pliet jumps, a and a bollychop. The burst includes: twists, side jacks, knee hop ups, & high knees w/ a punch down.

This is a real "feel good" workout! There is a positive energy throughout the workout and the moves were unique, upbeat, and fun. I would rate it an intermediate cardio w/o. It was easy to up the intensity by wearing weighted gloves, adding some impact, and really giving it my all. Great for days when you want to just have fun while working out! Great to do in its entirety or in parts. Billy is a great instructor-good cueing and great energy and his wife is adorable and super FIT! I received this dvd to review from 411 Video Information.