Dance With Me: Groove & Burn

Billy Blanks Jr.
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This is a 50 minute dvd that has three 13-14 minute cardio "dance" segments, a warmup, and a cooldown. You can select an individual segment or mix and match. The dance segments (disco, African, & Latin) are easy to catch onto, not overly complicated at all. Billy leads with his wife and 5 other backgrounders in a pleasant "studio" looking fitness room. You wont need any equipment for this workout. The dvd also includes a seperate breath tutorial.

The music is instrumental & fits each segments theme. While this is a "dance" workout- it was not hard to catch onto & I think most everyone would do fine following along. The workouts are built add on style so there is some TIFTing but not a lot-the segments are only 14 minutes after all. Each workout ends with a "cardio (or) toning burst." Between moves, Billy has you go to "home base" and basically free style within each workouts theme (a good time to amp up the intensity IMO). Billy shows lower impact modifications througout.

Disco: (13 minutes) This is the least challenging cardio wise, but the choreo in this one is a bit more challenging (though I had no real problems & I am dance challenged). Some of the moves include body pump, hustle, kick cross step, wash & lather your hair, snake, and flip. This section ends with standing unweighted upper body work.

African: (14 minutes) This section is probably the most challenging cardio wise, the choreo is easy to catch onto and really quite fun. The moves include double step touch w/ varied arm movements, scarecrow, Afri-can-can, safari shuffle, beat the drum, and celebration pony. This workout ends w/ standing unweighted lower body work that includes plenty of plyos for a nice cardio bonus.

Latin: (14 minutes) This section is pretty close in intensity to the African section & also fun & easy to follow. Moves include mambo, volta, shake it shimmy, Latin lover, mambo chacha, and samba. This section ends with a cardio burst- where you can really get your heart rate up.

There is a nice positive energy throughout the workout and the moves were unique, new (to me), upbeat, and fun. This dance w/o suprised me by being cardio intensive as well- I would rate it an intermediate cardio w/o. It was easy to up the intensity by wearing weighted gloves, adding some impact, and really giving it my all. Great for days when you want to just have fun while working out! Great to do in its entirety or in parts. Billy is a great instructor-good cueing and great energy. I received a copy of this dvd to review