The Firm Wave: Rock Solid Buns

Alison Davis
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Lower Body Strength

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This DVD, led by Firm instruction Alison Davis, is one of the add-on workouts for the Firm Wave. In focuses on lower body strength yet includes some cardio intervals as well. As with all of the Wave workouts, Alison leads a group of four background exercisers, one of whom, Leslie, shows modifications for some of the moves. In addition to the Wave, you will need a set of light dumbbells as well as an exercise band for this workout.

Alison starts with a 4 1/2 minute warm-up using the Wave in the stable (i.e., upside-down "U") position. Here the Wave is used mainly as a traditional step for moves such as knee ups and glute lifts; Alison also performs dynamic stretches for the lower body. Continuing to use the Wave in this position, the group picks up "heavy" dumbbells (Leslie does not use weights) for plies with one foot on the Wave, adding a tap to the step. Standing on the Wave, Alison performs dips, adding a balance knee raise and alternating lunges in-between for a cardio effect. This is followed by lunges with a rear lift and alternating plyos.

Alison then flips the Wave to the unstable ("U") position and loops the band around one end. Standing on top of the Wave, you'll perform dips and squats holding the band (basically just using the band for balance) and the use the band for resistance to perform inner and outer thigh presses. Next, the band is used for deadlifts. There is then a quick floor cardio interval, and then the entire band series is repeated on the second side. Finally, Alison AGAIN flips the Wave back to the stable position for floorwork. She places one foot on the step and the band around the other leg for pelvic lifts and then inner thigh work; she then lies sideways over the step for outer thigh lifts (still using the band). There is a lunge power drill before repeating everything on the other side. The 4 1/2 minute final stretch makes use of the Wave and emphasizes the lower body.

I found this workout to be just okay. One of the things that I have disliked about most of the Wave DVDs is that they have failed to take full advantage of the Wave, mainly just using in as a traditional step. In this routine in particular, very little time is spent with the Wave in the unstable position, and even when the Wave IS used this way, Alison doesn't really incorporate much of a balance challenge or even a fun factor from the Wave. Another disappointment was that I had expected a workout called "Rock Solid Buns" to be MUCH more strength-focused than it was. The band work simply did not feel very challenging to me (I like using bands but did not feel they were used very effectively here), and the short cardio intervals felt like a waste of time. If you want a new workout for your Wave that is a basic interval routine with a lower body focus, you might like this DVD, but it didn't work for me.

Instructor Comments:
I'll admit that Alison is NOT my favorite Firm instruction. Although she generally cues well, I just find her somewhat wooden and boring.

Beth C (aka toaster)