Power Yoga

Jeanette Jenkins
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Yoga

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Very good yoga dvd! The cueing was excellent (and mirror-cued). I especially liked the vinyasa section. Keeper!



This is a 83 minute power yoga workout that is chaptered very well- so you can pick & choose which portions you want to do that day. Jeanette works out with 2 b/g exercises in a spacious room w/ hardwood floors and curtained windows. You wont need any props for this w/o.

This is a very "feel good" positive yoga workout without being "spiritual" or too mind/body. She starts with a quick meditation moment where you focus on something positive- being happy for example- what a great way to start the day! She then goes through a quick check of all your body parts to get yourself in tune for the w/o you are about to do & to check for stress and soreness.

The chapters are: 1) Introduction, 2) Breathing, Warm Up, Intention, 3) Vinyasa flows (I really enjoyed

this section & found it very unique), 4) Power flow sequences, 5) Floor work: abs, lower back, hit & chest openers and 6) Plough, shoulder stance and final relaxation. Each segment flows perfectly into the next so you can easily complete the entire w/o or as many segments as you would like.

Some of the moves include: plank w/ knee pull, down dog, chataranga, chair pose, a unique smooth flowing vinyasa segment, cresent pose, twisted chair, warrior variations, wrap, cat cow, boat, 2 sets of 50 ab bicycles, shoulder bridge , pigeon, rolling like a ball, happy baby pose, shoulder stands (TOUGH!), spinal rotation, and corpse pose.

I would rate this a high intermediate yoga workout that is fast moving and did warm my body up! I enjoyed the unique combinations of poses and appreciate Jeanettes excellent cueing-she offers perfect breath cues. She is a great lead and I been more than pleased with all her workouts. The dvd is very versatile and great to use in its entirety or to add to other workouts. I received a copy of this dvd to review from The Hollywood Trainer Company.