Step Reaction

Gin Miller
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Step Aerobics

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Looking to start Step, looking for basic Step, just want a 30-minute Step routine? I can't recommend Gin Miller's Step Reaction enough.
This is the same workout at four different speeds, 110 for Novice, 116 for Beginner, 122 for Intermediate and 128 for Advanced.

It is a basic, non-dancy choreo step workout, about 30 minutes long. It is Gin Miller as we love Gin Miller, fun, irreverent, helpful and effective.

For newbies, it is a nonthreatening, basic workout that doesn't intimidate. And unlike someone else's basic/starter Step vid, if you can do this Gin Miller, you can do any of them.

The step is basic, up down, a little mambo here and there, some traveling steps, some T steps. The music is inoffensive and Gin is on beat (to the best of my knowledge and belief;)). I can't "do" some of the Step stars because I don't have that choreo gene that allows me not to fall, stumble and take out innocent bystanders as I prance and boogie on the box.
I also get dizzy with twirls and can't figure out how to do an around the world no matter how many times I try.

For the more experienced stepper, you can up the intensity on any of the four levels with height steps, weights, whatever you have been doing with other Gins. Gin gives a box to the top left every now and then with some switches in the routine while she is demonstrating a new move. Well done again. She will also do the same basic step and stack on different arm movements, changing it up for the been-there-done-that set, but for the newbies, it gives ideas on how to add movement to other Step workouts.

The set is basic: Gin with a head mic, a step and a blue background. Gin is wearing a pink top and black pants. She stands out great from the background and you can see what she is doing.

She explains what you are going for, why and how at the beginning of the moves, unlike some instructors who do the move 43 times and then during the cool down go, oh, yeah, don't do this move this horrible way or you will need a knee replacement in three weeks.

Bottom line, it is fun for those who want to Step but don't want to boogie the night away; it is athletic, but you aren't going to blow a joint; and it is Gin Miller at her "funnest" and I can't think of a better way to spend 30 minutes or so. Great for a warmup or cool down, which is how I think I will use it most.