Martial Fusion Rockin' Body

Guillermo Gomez
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Abs/Core , Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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This is a 65 minute DVR led by Guillermo with 8 b/g exercisers. The w/o really gave me a "live class" vibe and the set looks like a real gym w/ his logo in the background. The cardio portion of the w/o is 45 minutes and there is a 10 minute "Toning & Abs" section (includes a learn the moves tutorial), and a 10 minute "Yoga Stretch & Relaxation" section. You wont need any props for this w/o but I wore weighted gloves :) You can play all or choose the segment you want to do, no mix & match option.

The 45 min cardio section starts with a nice active w/u with lots of upper body movements to get your UB ready for all those punches, followed by a quick stretch. The body of the workout is comprised of four main blocks, which you learn individually and then he adds them together. By the end, you have learned a nice little cardio kickboxing routine.

Some of the moves include: various punches & punch combos, knee strikes, bob and weave, shuffle, V step, jacks, speed bag, jumproping, and step touches. He combines kickboxing moves with some floor cardio moves to keep the workout interesting and to keep your heartrate up. The workout flows very well and the time flew by.

The Toning & Abs section starts with Guillermo showing us how to properly execute the kickboxing moves and ends with some great floor ab work including leg exenstions and bicycle abs. The Yoga, Stretch, & Relaxation section is a nice mellow yoga inspired stretch segment that was quite relaxing and concluded the workout nicely.

I really enjoyed this workout and will definatly be doing it many times to come. I rate this an intermediate cardio workout. I LOVE that the moves are easy to follow along to but not boring at all. Its hard to find a balance of interesting yet not overly complicated moves and Guillermo has nailed it here! I amped the intensity up a bit by adding some more impact and wearing my weighted gloves and my heart was PUMPING during this w/o! Guillermo's cuieing was spot on and he has a great energy! I would LOVE to take a live class with him and look forward to trying some of his other workouts.