Power Body I.C.E

Jody Trierweiler
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Abs/Core , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Total Body Workouts

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I have done this workout once, skipping the abs section. There was never really a time where I was breathing really hard, but this is a really nice core workout, with some good arm work. The leg stuff was lighter and it was more like cardio legs, like Cathe likes to call it. It's hard for me to classify this workout as far as intensity goes, because there are some really difficult moves (elbow taps), and some that are not so difficult (only 5 turn jumps at a time). I have included a break down of the workout below. I don't know what planet Jody is from, but I cannot move as fast as that girl in the crab walks and the breakdancing stuff, and she makes it look like cake. I also can't do those elbow taps very low at all. She must have some extra muscles or something. : P

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Introduction - this is a chapter
Warmup - this is a chapter
ICE Part 1 - split lunges through crab walks (see below), this is one chapter
ICE Part 2 - plyo pushups through abs (see below), this is one chapter
Stretch - this is a chapter
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Here's a quick breakdown:

ICE Part 1
10 alternating plyo lunges
Quick rest, repeat

10 plank jump throughs - from full plank, jump feet up close to hands and jump feet back into plank
Quick rest
10 rotate from forearm plank to side plank and back
10 Pushups with jacks
10 Mountain climbers
Quick rest

5 180 degree jump turns
Quick rest & repeat

8 Side plank pulses
8 Hold side plank and thread arm through and underneath body
8 Hold side plank and tap top leg to ground and lift back up
- Repeat other side & quick rest

Jump rope with heels forward
Butt kicks
- Repeat a few times

20 Prisoner squats
8 pulse squats
Static hold squat

10 Elbow taps (looks tough - in full plank position, touch elbows to ground)
Child pose stretch & repeat

8 Crab walks side to side, 2 toe touches
Quick break

5 Plyo pushups on knees
3 Breakdance circles
-Repeat & quick rest

Single leg lateral jumps (a lot, lol), repeat other leg, quick rest

20 One legged squats, touch floor, repeat on other leg, quick rest

10 Biped balance - pushup, lift one arm and opposing leg
Child pose stretch
Elbow plank - lift arm and opposing leg and hold, repeat other side

10 Frog jumps - plyo jumps, touching heels together at top

Abs & Stretch

Instructor Comments:
I like Jody, she is pleasant and encouraging. I will be interested in more workouts from her. She is very strong.

Nyx Black