Exotic Dance: The Irresistible Art

Lady Morrighan
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Instructional / How To Videos

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This workout is the second in the "Exotic Dance" series from Lady M. It is about an hour long, and divided into 3 parts: In the first part, you learn standing moves, then put it all together into a choreographed routine. In the second part is floor work, then you do a floor routine. In the third part, you learn moves on the chair, using the standing moves to strip then moving to the chair, then you put that together into a lap dance routine.

This is not really a sweaty calorie burn, and it leans more toward the instructional side, but I'd still call it a dance workout, because you are learning the moves then running through the routines a couple of times. I found it was a good mix of instructional and workout.

She does take off her skirt and shirt, but she has a tank top and boy shorts underneath. She has different outfits for each section that are kind of skimpy. No nudity, but a lot of people might find it inappropriate around kids.

I enjoyed it, it's a keeper!

Instructor Comments:
Professional demeanor, detailed instruction.