Natural Journeys Pilates For Fat Burning

Alanna Zabel
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Pilates/Core Strength

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This is a 60 minute pilates workout led by Alanna with 2 background exercisers. The set is quite nice- hardwood floors with a nice cloud looking backdrop and some vases. One b/ger shows beginner modifications. Alanna says that this w/o is "the core & ab strengthing work from pilates blended w/ the flowing vinyassa of yoga." The dvd also has a bonus 6 minute ab w/o- that was quite tough.

Some of the moves include: variations of sun salutations, 1 legged plank w/ pushups, down dog w/ a knee pull, pulsing squats w/ a twist, superman variations, lots of plank work & variations including side plank work, 1/2 moon stretch, V- sit variations, teaser, rollups into shoulder stand (tough!), bridge w/ leg circles, single leg stretch, bicycle, oblique twists, the hundred, corkscrew, spinal twist, and concludes w/ a relaxation pose.

The cover says beginner to intermediate but I wouldnt say this is a beginner w/o- she does shoulder stands!!! I think it says "beginner" because of the backgrounder showing modifications. I would say this is a solid intermediate w/o.

I really like Alanna! Her cueing is great and she really keeps it moving in this w/o. I didnt feel that it was dragging on or that there was any wasted time. Its a very easy w/o to do in whole or to break up and use it in parts. She keeps it interesting by combining yoga and pilates moves into one well blended workout. I received this dvd from Natural Journeys to review.