Body Gospel - Stretch in the Spirit

Donna Richardson
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Athletic Stretch

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This is a 10 minute stretching workout (10:43). Donna appears on stage with 4 background participants. The woman to her left (our right), Kat, is the modifier. I won't go through all the stretches she does, mainly because I couldn't figure out a way to put all of them into words , so I'll discuss this workout as a whole.

I don't personally care for this one and won't be using it again. It just doesn't suit my stretching preferences. Donna goes through a series of dynamic stretches and yoga poses, which she renames with Christian labels (for example, the tree pose is renamed "prayer tree"). All stretching is done while standing, there is no floor stretching. She flows from one move to the next without always explaining which muscle group you are stretching (although sometimes it's obvious). This is not a traditional static stretching workout that I'm used to doing - and much prefer - but that's just me. I prefer floor and standing stretches, holding each stretch for a specific period of time, then moving on to the next muscle group. This is not that type of stretching. This is 100% dynamic stretching and if you like that sort of thing, this might be for you. She does hold a few stretches, but not for long. My muscles did not leave this workout feeling very stretched or relaxed at all.

The workout ends with Donna having the participants (and those at home I suppose, but I skipped this) repeat after her some words about sowing healthy seeds into their lives.

Some images/words that appear on the big screen behind Donna: crosses, candles, sky/clouds, mountains, sunlight

Some of Donna's comments throughout: reach up for those blessings, arms up to the Heavens, heart to the Heavens, grab that blessing, pull those blessings down

Instructor Comments:
Donna is calm in this one, and goes through the entire 10 minutes cheerfully, as usual.