Body Gospel - Core Revelation

Donna Richardson
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This entire workout is 19:36 and takes place on the floor. It opens up with some encouraging words from Donna, but no prayer this time. Donna is joined on stage by two participants, one of which is her younger sister. This workout is not broken up into time segments, but rather the clock just counts down continuously from 20 minutes (19:36); therefore, I don’t have the length of time each segment lasts for this workout. The entire workout is done utilizing the bands, so anytime you see my description of arm movements, keep in mind the added resistance that the bands provide.

The first time I did this workout I felt it was a little too short and should not have been called “Core” Revelation, since Donna only does a few moves for the core and then moves on to lower body work and push-ups. After doing it again, I really enjoyed it and did not mind the length at all. It can easily be used as an “add on” if you wish, but since I try to get out and walk several miles a day, it’s just enough for me. The band work really creates muscle burn, especially in the inner/outer thigh work. If someone were to have this program without the Body Gospel bands, I think ankle weights would work just fine too. I felt this workout more in my lower body the next day rather than my core. I wasn’t really sore by any means, but could tell my lower body had been worked out. Again, this would be great for beginners and intermediate/advanced exercisers could use it as a lower body/abdominal “add-on”. In the Body Gospel rotation, this workout is placed on the days in between cardio and cardio/strength workouts, and is usually paired with "Stretch in the Spirit" (to be reviewed at a later date).

Some images/words that appear on the big screen behind for this workout: Hands holding the sun, crosses, streams of running water, piano keys, musical notes, chalice, flowers, mountains, the Bible

Some of Donna's comments throughout: Honor Him, we magnify His name, lift your hearts to the Heavens, we lift Him up, keep the faith

Equipment Needed: Water, Towel, Mat, Body Gospel Bands

Breakdown (19:36)

Begin with some stretches on the floor
While seated on the floor, inhale up/exhale down, then round forward and back - 4x
Reach right arm up over body then circle forward and around, repeat other side -2x each side
Inhale center w/arms over head, then exhale and twist torso right w/arms out to the side, repeat left side

First Abdominal Exercise
“Temple Twists” - with bands wrapped around feet, bring handles in front of chest and twist side to side while in a seated position
Single Count
Single, Single, Double

Second Abdominal Exercise
“Roll Downs” - in seated position, place hands behind thighs, roll down for an 8 count, then roll up for an 8 count - 4x
For added resistance you now take the body gospel band handles to your chest while continuing the roll downs- 4x
Next level - extend legs out straight while doing roll downs -4x

Third Abdominal Exercise
“Alternating Leg Press” - lay on back with knees bent over hips, bring arms up to chest level, alternating pressing legs out and in
Next level - extend arms above the head
Next level - add upper body and alternate bicycles
Next level - extend arms out straight while continuing the bicycles

Inner Thigh work
“Inner Thigh Toning” - lay flat on your back, bring arms out to the side. Start with legs open wide in a “V” position, then press legs in and out (bring legs together, then out again)
Next level - cross one foot over the other as you bring legs in, repeat bringing other foot in front, repeat
Next level - hold legs center and pulse alternating one foot in front of the other
Next level - while pulsing, lower legs to the floor and back up again - 4 count down, 4 count up

Outer Thigh Work
“Outer thigh toning”- Lay on left side with legs out straight, hands are on the floor in front of your chest. Bring right knee into the chest, then out (16x)
Next: Hold leg up and pulse straight back (single count, 16x)
Next: Lift leg straight up and down (16x)
Next: small circle leg forward 8x, small circle leg back 8x
REPEAT other side

One-legged push-ups, 2 count down/2 Count up - 8x (8 with left leg up & 8 with right leg up)

Back Extensions
Remove bands, lay on stomach with arms straight out in front of you (if you were standing, they would be directly over your head). Hold one band in your hands (one end is in right hand, the other end is in left hand)
Bring upper body up off the floor, at the same time pull arms out to form tension on the band, lower back down, repeat

Hold Plank position 16 count
Stretch back to child’s pose
Hold Plank position again 16 count

*I wasn't sure how to accurately describe some of the stretches so I'll just list the body parts she stretches:
Cat stretch (I know the name of that one ), side stretch, quad, back, hamstring & side stretch together - repeat other side

This workout ends with Donna posing the question “what would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail”, and she asks you to journal about it.

Instructor Comments:
Donna takes a more calm approach in this workout and the music is a little more subdued. She is encouraging and cheerful throughout.