One On One: Volume 3 #4 - Base and Back

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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One On One Volume 3 #4 Base and Back
Workout time: 49:21

There are ten exercises, done all the way through and then repeated. The numbers in parenthesis are the reps for set one and set two.

There is a lot of down time in this workout. Tony is obviously tired and has a hard time getting through the workout (it is tough, though). He says it is supposed to be an off day for him but that he has to film when he and Mason can get their schedules together.

Warm up (Tony does not cue at all. Mason tries for awhile.)

1. No kip pull ups (Set 1: 15 reps, Set 2: 10)

2. Plyo frog squats (30, 20)

3. Wide leg close grip chin up (15, 10)

4. Chair jump squats--from chair pose, touch floor and jump (30, 25)

5. Spinning chin pulls—chin up on one side, flip around to the
other side and do a pull up (10, 8)

6. Plyo runner lunges—plyo lunges touching the floor after each
one (30, 20)

7. V pull ups—hands wide, pull up bringing chin to one hand, then
to the other (12, 10)

8. Spinning fighter squats—spin 3x in each direction, touching the
floor after each squat (30, 20)

9. Kippy pulls (15, 15)

10. Jack in the box knee tucks—touch the floor after each jump
(20, 20)