Totally Fit

Mel B
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Athletic Stretch , Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Total Body Workouts

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Hi All,

This workout is led by Mel B herself with 4 background exercisers, 2 women and 2 men. The workout is filmed outside in LA (or LA LA Land!) as Mel B calls it! The scenery is beautiful, and most workout sections are filmed by a pool. There are 8 sections to this workout:

Warm Up
Advanced Cardio

There is also a bonus Nutrition section where Mel is in a kitchen and guides you through some of her favourite recipes and healthy eating tips.

Mel B and crew wear different outfits for each workout section. In several sections, Mel B is wearing a plunge workout top which, ahem, "emphasises" her "assets" - and let me tell you - they are very impressive! To the point that I was constantly distracted by them and wondering how those puppies stayed put and didn't fall out!

Equipment Used: Mat and Water bottles/cans!!! This is a pet peeve of mine (steps onto soap box). Why they can't use proper weights is beyond me!? . I am all for encouraging people to start an exercise regime, but if you are going to do it properly then surely investing in a proper set of weights/dumbbells is a great investment? (steps off soapbox). Mel B uses what looks like two large water bottles (which during the arms segments keep almost slipping out of her hands). A couple of the background exercisers are using cans and one of the women uses no weight at all. This woman is also the modifier, although no official reference is made to this fact, other than my observations that she is obviously doing the less intense versions of the moves in all the workout segments. You will only need light weights for this workout, probably 3-8lbs depending on your fitness level as any moves with the weights are very high rep and done at quite a lick!

Warm Up - 5 mins
Step tap side to side with alternating reach up/punch across/ reach to floor.
Hold in place with arms straight out to side and shoulder circles forward then back.
Alternating knees up with arm pulls down.
Alternating side leg taps with lateral arm raises.

Cardio - 15 mins - all moves are performed for 1 minute and then you go on to the next move.
Lateral arms raises with side leg tap left.
Arms pull down with knee crunch left.
Repeat above 2 moves on right side.
Plie bounce - in plie stance you pulse for 2, hold 2 and lift. Arms go front/side/up.
Jump Rope with scissor feet.
Jumping twists side to side.
Slow punches side to side (easy to speed this move up if you'd like).
Alternating leg kicks back, arms pull down.
side bends left.
side bends right.
Go to the floor for:
Mountain climbers.
Plank on elbows with alternating hip dip
Plank on elbows, up into push up position one hand first then the other, back down into elbow plank dropping to one elbow then the other, keep repeating (not sure what the name of this move is called?).
Push ups.

Advanced Cardio - 20 mins - All moves are performed for one minute.
Jogging on the spot.
Upper cuts alternating side to side.
Pick up weights/water bottles for:
Heel digs with bicep curls.
Heel digs with "W" shoulder press.
Heel digs with overhead tricep press.
Alternating knee lifts with bicep curls.
Alternating knee lifts with "W" shoulder press.
Alternating knee lifts with overhead tricep press.
Put weights down for:
Balance on right leg and kick left leg back.
Balance on left leg and kick right leg back.
Jumping Jacks.
Side leg lift left.
Side leg lift right.
Drop to floor for:
Press ups.
Ab crunches, legs straight up in air.
Lower ab lifts lifting straight legs to the sky, then extend legs, keep repeating.
oblique crucnhes with alternating straight leg lift.
Plank hold on elbows.

Arms - 10 mins - All exercises performed for 1 minute.
Quick stretch for arms.
Step tap with double bicep curls.
Step tap with alternating bicep curls.
Step tap with double overhead press.
Step tap with alternating overhead press.
Leg tap back with tricep kickback, left side.
Leg tap to side with side lat raise bent arm - left side.
Leg tap back with tricep kickback right side.
Leg tap to side with side lat raise bent arm - right side.
Shoulder raises forward/side/down/side/forward/down.
Rotator cuff - elbows pinned to sides rotates arms outwards.

Legs - 10 mins - All exercises performed for 1 minute.
This leg segment looks tough - the exercises are pretty much NON-STOP with little/no breaks and there are LOTS of reps. I calculated that there are approx 32 reps of EACH of the squats exercises.
Squats with chair behind - sit onto chair and straight back up.
Squats with left knee raise.
Squats with right knee raise.
Squats with left front kick.
Squats with right front kick.
Plie position, lift and lower heels.
Squats side to side touching the floor.
Stationary lunge with quick pulses right leg forward.
Stationary lunge with quick pulses left leg forward.
Sit on chair - double leg lift front.

Bums - 10 mins - All exercises are performed for 1 minute.
Table top position, right knee out to side then extend and bend leg out to side (like an "L" position).
Repeat to other side.
Heel lifts to right side with knee bent (working into glutes).
Repeat left side.
Repeat above 4 exercises again.
Onto left side for side leg raises, straight leg.
Knee in towards body then extend forward ("L" shape). Keep repeating.
Repeat last 2 moves to other side.
Lie on back for:
Hip Raises/Glute squeezes, lifting up and down.
Hold in contraction for 30 seconds.
Hold in contraction and squeeze knees in and out for 30 seconds.

Tums - 10 mins - All moves are performed for 1 min.
Several of the moves in this section reminded me of P90X Ab Ripper X!!
Lie on back for:
Standard crunches, hands slide up knees.
Climb left leg.
Climb right leg.
Sit up for:
"In and Outs" - extend legs and arms at same time for full body crunch.
Rest for 30 seconds.
Mason twist (side to side with feet off floor) with or without one weight.
Lie down for:
Obliques -reach same arm to ankle, alternating side to side.
Arms pulses with legs extended (Pilates move).
Sit up for:
"Weighted Pass Unders" - pass weight under alternate legs, keeping feet off floor.
Side jack-knife left side.
Side jack-knife right side.
Plank on hands with alternating knee in with twist to opposite elbow.
Plank hold.
Cool Down - 5 mins
All stretches done standing - pretty standard fayre - with hamstring stretches, shoulder rolls, etc.
I would classify this workout as high intermediate/advanced. It is definitely not for beginners as IMHO many of the moves are advanced and there is minimal instruction on form and modifications.