Xtreme Timesaver Training

Jackie Warner
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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This workout has already been well reviewed, so I’m just going to add my opinions. So far all positive reviews…and mine is as well! This is a high quality workout. A LOT of bang for the buck, a LOT of intensity squeezed into a 30 minute workout. Jackie works out with two female background exercisers, the same ones as in her Xtreme Ab workout. She works the shoulders hard, and I was only able to manage 3-5# weights (I’m not shy about poundage either!). I am going to continue to use this and hope to work up to using 5# weights throughout. I also wanted to add that I liked the pumping music and the way that the exercises, while fast moving, were executed slow enough to be controlled.

This is a high rep/low weight endurance style workout and rather reminded me of Karen Voight’s Great Weighted Workout (standing portion) in the way that Jackie moved quickly from one exercise to the next and the weight work never stopped. Thank goodness I was prepared for the intense shoulder work, it burned especially in my rear delts and I needed to dig deep for the low lunge/rear delt sequence. Exercises are done for roughly one minute each, therefore Jackie did not tell you how many reps you were doing, but did consistently mention that you were on the last three reps at the end. While there was no rep count, I felt she dedicated the same amount of time/reps to each side of the body (unlike some videos which miss reps here and there-ugh!).

While the workout is technically a toning workout, it was so intense that there was a cardio factor. I was all sweaty by the end! And yet unlike AWT workouts, my muscles fatigued before I felt out of breath in any way-so it’s definitely a toning workout before a cardio workout. I would say this workout is high intermediate if done as is, but might be doable for the adventurous beginner if they followed the modifier (Jericho?) who does not use weights. I will be reaching for this one often as an intense, total body workout in a short 30 minute timeframe. Overall grade A!

Instructor Comments:
I have tried, and rather enjoy, Jackie’s two Xtreme workouts (this total body workout and the ab workout), and will definitely be buying from her again. Her training style is comparable to Jillian Michaels but without the loudmouthed tough act (the “you should be puking up your insides” or “who’s your mama” or yelling at people routines). Jackie is still tough, and jokes about “are you envisioning my face when you punch?” and walks around to her backgrounders and focuses more on form than doing the workout herself, but still seems far less abrasive than Jillian, and I think would be a good alternate for people who might like Jillian’s workout style but without Jillian herself. As I felt with Karen Voight’s cuing in GWW, I feel like Jackie is in the room with you and knows just when to remind you on form – it’s great! Wardrobe note: for people who can’t stand Jillian’s low cut pants, Jackie’s pants are similar (albeit baggy, not tight pants) and I think it’s just the style right now. Jackie does have some CRAZY incredible abs to show off though!

Emily B.


This is my new favorite DVD. I thought that this would be a walk in the park average video at 30'... I was very wrong. This workout was fabulous. I did have to pause it once for a breather and I sweat like crazy. I love the combo moves which are very easy to follow. Nothing dancey which I love. Very good cardio and strength workout to add to the rotation!

Instructor Comments:
Jackie is very straightforward and easy to follow and not overly hyper and chatty like some instructors.



Lindsey and Marcy both wrote excellent reviews so I just wanted to add a bit of my own opinion. First, I watched her first Bravo show Work Out a few years ago and didn't come away with a good impression of Jackie or her gym. I realize it's a reality show and things are distorted to make good TV but her business ended up looking unprofessional as a result.

I mention this because when I saw this DVD in the store, I was like "Ehhhh." But it was on sale and Jackie does have a rocking physique so I decided to try it. If you have doubts, rest assured this is a real, tough and effective workout. Jackie splits her time working out and adjusting two other female exercisers, who are both in amazing shape. She gives excellent form tips. I really like it when an DVD instructor tells one of their students stuff like "Squat lower" because that reminds me to do that too.

One of the participants also demonstrates a lower intensity version of the moves without weights which is nice for those who are starting out or need to modify due to injuries.

Jackie doesn't waste a moment of time with setup or chatter before an exercise--she just launches from one to the other with very little preamble or rest. Maybe you won't have this problem but I have to keep the remote handy because I frequently am catching my breath (a full minute of this torturous military press/pushup combo is tough stuff yall) or I just need to dither around and swap my weights out. This is entirely preferable to a workout that has TOO much talk between exercises.

Very effective for 30 minutes (my DVD player says its 34--I won't even try to be cool and tell you sometimes I check to see how much time I have left.) My arms feel weak when this is over-good stuff. All of the moves are compound too (e.g. a squat combined with concentration curls) so it's very efficient. I can't say it enough-she is very knowledgeable on form and she stages the exercises on the vigorous side but not on the "So fast I'm going to injure myself trying to keep up" side. She's occasionally too chatty with her two students but that's a minor complaint.

If you are concerned about the impact level (I have torn knee cartilage so I always worry about that), there is a small amount of jogging in place in the warmup. Nothing that can't be easily modified. The workout proper is all low impact. Lots of squats and lunges and some balancing moves. As the other reviewers also have said, this thing blasts your deltoids.

I liked this enough to order her Express Abs too.

Instructor Comments:
Friendly but no nonsense and very knowledgeable about form. She mixes classics up in new ways. I definitely want to pick up more of her workouts.



Today was my first time doing this workout and I loved it!

This is a total body workout that in 32 minutes covers everything but is really shoulder-intensive. I'll repeat - VERY SHOULDER INTENSIVE! Jackie says whenever she's training people to get red-carpet ready, she always works the shoulders extra-hard to give people the V-shape. This workout is total combination moves and really keeps the HR up for the whole workout. I burned 303 calories. Burns just as much a cardio workout. I used 5# and 8# for the entire workout. There was a short two minute warmup (reaching hands up to sky in plie, jog & jab, reverse lunge with twist and toe hops with a job) and then she got started. Each move is done for 1 minute. Madison & Jericho (from Tracey Staehle's Cardio Kickbox Challenge) are the modifiers. Jericho shows moves without the weights. Here are the moves:

Plie Squat with Shoulder Circles - used 5#
Reverse Lunge with Delt Raise - used 5#
Curtsy Lunge with Jab/Kick to side - used 5#
Squat/Pullover - used 8#
Squat with concentration curl - used 5# but could've gone up to 8s although I was feeling it by the end. (used 8s second time doing this workout)
Alternating front lunge with headbanger (tricep extension) - 8# (but could've used 10#)
Chest Fly with Alternating Front Lunge - 5# (went up to 8# 2nd time doing workout)
Reverse lunge and opposite arm/leg jab & kick - 5#
Wide plie and alternating back rows - 5#
Glute Bridge with Chest Fly - 5#
Walk out to pushup; walk back and stand up and do military press - 8# (went up to 10# second time doing workout)
Get down on all 4s and opposite elbow to knee and extend
Split Squat Wood Chop - 8# (used only 5# second time doing workout (guess I was tired from upping my weights for the previous exercises)
Knee Lift with Bicep Curl to Side - 5#
Other side - Knee Lift with Bicep Curl to Front - 5# (but could've used 8s) (used 8s 2nd time doing workout)
Kneeling/Leaning to Side - opposite arm lat raise - (I was getting the puke in a bucket feeling by this point but recovered).

Cooldown/Stretch - No cooldown but she did the following stretches: twisting runner's lunge, seated forward bend, butterfly, seated shoulder stretch grasping fingers - bend left, right and center.

Ends at 32:52

I was really pleased with this workout. Does what it is intended to do - give an efficient and effective workout in 30+ minutes. I'm feeling DOMS in my glutes and obliques. Hardly gives any rest between sets. My HR stayed up throughout the workout. Average HR was 75% and max HR was 92%. I hope Jackie makes more workouts just like this one.

Instructor Comments:
Jackie does the moves but also walks around and instructs. Gives form pointers and is encouraging.



This is a 32 minute strength workout that got my heartrate up enough to count as a cardio w/o! There is a 3 minute w/u and a 2 min c/d included. The set is nice and looks like a gym- w/ brick walls. Jackie w/o's or walks around giving form pointers to the 2 background exercisers. One shows modifications and uses no weights. You will only need dumbbells for this w/o.

After a nice quick to the point warmup you move into three circuits focusing on different body parts. You conclude w/ a nice stretch. The w/o is shoulder heavy and she says that in the beginning. And as I said, this w/o REALLY got my heartrate up there, I was sweating a ton, and my muscles were really being worked despite using pretty low poundatge (I was still a bit sore). There is also some balance work but not a lot of ab work.

Glutes & Shoulders: The exercises include a static pliet with a shoulder circle, static lunge w/ a rear delt raise, curtsey dip w/ a side kick, and a sqat w/ a kettlebell type swing.

Arms & Quads: Moves include static squat w/ a bicep curls, lunge w/ an overhead tricep press, lunge w/ chest press, and a dip punch kick combo.

Hips, Chest, and Back: Exercises include static squat w/ a dumbbell push pull move, a bridge w/ a pec fly, a crawl to plank/ pushup & military press, then on all fours you do an elbow to knee pull w/ the dumbbell.

Core & More: Moves include; a static dip w/a woodchop, preacher & bicep curls w/ a knee pull, and a kneeling leaning side raise.

I would rate this is a high intermediate w/o because it is non-stop. It really does pack a punch. I like Jackie as a lead- she kindof reminds me of Jillian. Jackie is superfit! Her cueing and form pointers are excellent in this and its sequenced very nicely.