Blast The Belly Fat

Jeanette Jenkins
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Abs/Core , Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball, Circuit Training (cardio and weights)

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This dvd has three cardio/ ab circuits, a bonus mat ab workout, a stretch, and a warmup (8 min). You can "play all" or select an individual w/o but there is no mix and match option. You will need a stability ball and dumbbells for the workout. Jeanette leads with 2 female (Cat and TeriAnn, and 1 male background exerciser. The set is hardwood floors and nice & open.

Circuit One: 13 minutes. This circuit has the most cardio of the 3 circuits. You need your dumbbells but no ball for this circuit. The moves include jogging, hi impact knee twists, lunge w/ core rotation, and tucks on the ball. You perform this circuit 3 times.

Circuit Two: 17 minutes. This has less cardio than circuit 1, but more than circuit 3. You will use the ball and your weights for this section. The moves include: mountain climbers, plank and plank twists, shuffle to floor touch, wood chops, pliet w/ crosspunch while holding your weights, plank on the ball, plank knee pull, and crunch variations on the ball. You perform these moves 2 times.

Circuit Three: 19 minutes. You will only need your stability ball (no weights). This section has the least cardio in it. Moves include: high knees, knee pulls, oblique side leg lifts, upper cuts, oblique downhill ski-ing on the ball, oblique squeeze on the ball, ball pass, and elevator lifts on the ball. You perform this circuit 2 times.

Bonus Mat: 9 minutes. You wont need any props. Moves include: the 100, double leg stretch, & a bicycle variation. You do this circuit 2X and then she finished with a superman move. This is semi pilates inspired.

Stretch: 7 minutes. Mostly standing lower body stretches but includes some floor and upper body stretching as well.

I didnt do the w/u section. I found each section enjoyable and challenging, my time was well spent. The circuits have more core work than cardio. I would probably have preferred 50% cardio/ 50% core work. But I really like the mix as is and they are great to add on to other w/o's. I think doing them all together would make for one tough ab workout! I really like Jeannette as a lead, she has a great personality, cheerful but not overly perky, motivating, and her cueing is great.