Shred It With Weights

Jillian Michaels
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Kettlebell

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This dvd has two 30 minute kettlebell workouts. Jillian works out w/ 2 b/g exercisers, one shows more advanced mod's & one shows beginner mods. I really like the dark wood w/ blue glass panes in the background. You will need a kettlebell or a dumbbell for this workout. The dvd is not programmable. The w/o's are structured in intervals, so she does a round of exercises and then repeats it.

Level 1: After a quick warmup you move right into the body of the workout. There are tons of nice combo moves that really get your heart pumping w/out impact. Moves include: kettlebell swing, bridge & 1 legged bridge w/ chest press, dead lift- row, squat -tapping KB to ground, squat w/ swing & pass from hand to hand, squat- rack & press, lat rows in static lunge, windmill, turning plyo squats holding KB, Turkish getups, snatches and concludes w/ a quick stretch.

Level 2: You start w/ a quick warmup and then move right into the work that includes: from a lying position you stand up while holding your weight, split jerks (tiny plyo lunges w/ overhead press), halo w/ balance knee, star jumps, squats w/ flying jacks, plank rows w/ a twist, swing throughs, plyo swings, deep squats w/ an OH press, rotating heros, pushups on the bell, punch swings, and Russian swings.

I rate level one high intermediate and level two advanced. I really enjoyed both workouts and found them both challenging & fun. Others have commented on her form but I didnt notice anything wrong with it & her cuing is good. The w/o was unique and tough & I really enjoyed trying something new. I will definitely be getting a ton of use out of this. It really got my heartrate up w/out doing any straight cardio. This dvd is very versatile- you can use heavy weights & get in your strength & cardio work or use moderate weight & use it as a cardio w/o. I received this dvd from Exercise TV for review.



This workout starts w/ classic Jillian warmup-arm swing across chest and butt kicks holding the bell. Jillian also does around the body passes and halos. The workout consists of three circuits. Emily B did a thorough breakdown of the exercises but I'll add a list of the exercises in the order I remembered them:

• Bridges w/ one arm floor presses
• 2H swings, and deadlifts into upright rows.
• deadlifts
• H2H swings (squat, swing w/ pass according to JM)
• cleans (or rack according to JM), squat, press
• one arm row from a lunge position
• floor crunch w/ two handed chest press
• very wide stance windmills (starting in rack and pressing up and "corkscrew down" or back to rack position)
• dynamic squats (jump/squat) w/ bell in goblet hold
• TGUs
• snatches
• stretch

All the sets were done 2x thru, no rest, except for the TGUs and snatches which were done only once. I've done Level 1 on ExerciseTV on Cox-On-Demand twice now using a 20lb kbell the first time and a 25lber the second time. I didn't know this w/o had different levels and apparently a tutorial, which I haven’t seen. Anyway, I have been working out consistently the last 6 years. I’ve been doing kettlebells for almost 2 years now. So, I believe I am aware of proper kbell form, which JM was lacking on the few moves she did. For instance, she says not to squat into the swing which I give her credit for pointing out. She says to hinge hips. Unfortunately her form still does not reflect what she says. One of the girls has very wide stance and overarching back. The other uses a DB mod. What Jillian calls squat, swing w/ pass is actually just H2H swing. Where does the squat come from? I’ve no clue but she proceeded to squat, swing, and pass the bell. I can see this confusing a novice into thinking squatting is ok while swinging.

I agree with Emily B that this w/o is for experienced kbellers. With my 20lber I was able to go at my own pace without taking any breaks. But I took breaks when I did it with the 25lber. JM yells while standing glaring/pointing into the camera, "do not stop moving....I want you to be gargling your heart in your throat." Thanks JM, I felt so very motivated...NOT, especially when you only did 3 of those dynamic squats while we did how many? It hurt just watching them snatch the bell. After all the heart pumping moves and ending with snatches, they then immediately sit and start floor stretches. No cool down to bring the heart rate down. There was a lot of up/down moves where they'd suddenly stops and go to the floor, no rests. JM made it very clear that you should be moving the whole 25mins even though she only moved like 7min total, if that much. True to form, she chatted/yelled incessantly which is probably why she could not be bothered to sweat it out w/ the crew although she claimed she was doing form pointers. I totally detest that she hardly participates in this workout and doesn’t actually demonstrate proper form but walks around much of the workout talking and pointing out a bunch of useless stuff. I would give her instruction or lack thereof an F. I give the workout a C+ because if you know not to try to match their speed and you know proper form, you could get a good workout out of it.

Instructor Comments:
Massive disclaimer, I'm not fond of Jillian’s bullying personality/teaching style. I find it very condescending. I’ve tried her first 3 Shreds and Boost Metabolism on ExerciseTV. Even though I felt they were solid workouts, I didn’t want to do them b/c I can only stomach small doses of JM talking to her audience as if they are a bunch of losers who will quit as soon as she lets up (oh wait, I guess that’s the premise of her show, right?).



I am reviewing this workout after having done it in entirety once. This is a kettlebell workout led by Jillian Michaels. She leads in her usual open set with her usual background exercisers, Maddie, who shows beginner modifications with a 3-8 pound dumbbell, and Bashira who shows advanced modifications with a loaded kettlebell. The music is a fast moving instrumental mix which kept me motivated (IMO Jillian’s workouts have pretty good music). Unsurprisingly Jillian demonstrates (as well as Bashira) using her adjustable weight kettlebell that she promotes in stores. I used 10, 15, and 20 pound kettlebells depending on the exercise. There are two 29 minute workouts, Level 1 which is supposed to be easier and Level 2 which is more advanced for when you master Level 1. They are both quite taxing and best for the intermediate-advanced exercisers. They are primarily strength oriented but the nature of kettlebell workouts has a cardio impact as well.

First thing is first: No, Jillian does not have good form (and yes, even alarmingly bad form on some moves), nor does she demonstrate the exercises before she leads them. She jumps right into them and THEN tells you how to do it. However, if you are familiar with the exercises and have used kettlebells before, and have a strong liking or at least a high tolerance of Jillian, you might be able to look past the bad form and instruction and enjoy the workout for what it is – a pretty intense kettlebell circuit workout. I like Jillian and I like more mainstream kettlebell workouts (those with music and high production values!) and “kettlebell lite” is fine with me too. You definitely need to approach this workout with an open mind!

Level 1

Level 1 has a warm up, three circuits, and cool down.

The warm up was not my preferred style, it included both high impact (butt kickers – with a bell already in hand no less!) and weighted work, using the kettlebell for halos, kettlebell handoff around the hips, and torso twisting. I did the butt kickers but left the bell on the floor, and used a lighter bell (the 10#) for the other moves in the warm up.

Circuit 1 included bridge with arm press (intensity option to raise opposite leg with Bashira); double arm swing, dead lift and upright row. They move quicker through the sets the second time through, which I thought was a little unsafe (at least for me and the poundage I was using, primarily 20# on this circuit) so I kept at a moderate tempo.

Circuit 2 included deep squat touching kettlebell to floor, one arm swings switching arms at each swing, and a snatch/clean and press move, one arm row (intensity option to hold supporting arm out to side for a balance challenge), repeat the circuit on other side, final move (not repeated) crunches with chest press.

Circuit 3 included windmill (5 each side), plyometric twisting jump from side to side holding kettlebell (this seemed unsafe to me so I stayed grounded and twisted my torso at the top of the squat, otherwise you might plyo jump without the kettlebell), full Turkish getups (all the way from standing to floor), one arm snatches (keeping arm straight and holding at top of move between swings – I used a very light poundage for this – Maddie did not use weights here).

Cool down was general athletic stretches performed on the floor.

Level 2

Level two is for those who have mastered Level 1 and are ready to progress.

The warm up includes figure eights with kettlebell, jumping jacks holding kettlebell, alternate low lunges with large range of motion, standing crunches touching opposite arm to toe at belly button height, unweighted hip thrusts.

Circuit 1 has standing to floor roll up with kettlebell overhead (Jillian recommends a heavier weight for beginners to help with balance), backward lunge and overhead press, halo while balancing on one leg, repeat circuit on the other side, final move (not repeated) plyo with deep squat holding kettlebell.

Circuit 2 has back row while in plank pose, double arm swing with alarmingly bad form, she calls them “swingers” swinging while you “dive through” your legs (I did regular swings), double arm swing with stepping backwards and forwards, repeat circuit on other side, final move (not repeated) very deep squat with overhead press.

Circuit 3 has “heroes” which are double arm swings stepping with a 90 degree turn side to side, pushups while balancing on kettlebell horns (a move which I would AVOID and which looks like it is a broken arm waiting to happen-I did regular pushups), one arm swing and catch and punch, repeat circuit on other side, final move (not repeated) is Russian twist whipping kettlebell from side to side.

Final stretch performed on floor with general athletic stretches.

Both workouts moved quickly, as they should, with only about 21 minutes of heavy strength work sandwiched between a 4 minute warm up and 4 minute cool down. I would highly recommend you modify the moves so that they feel safe to you. Jillian implies that this workout could be used by beginners with a 3-8 pound weight but I completely disagree: I think only those with kettlebell experience should attempt this workout. I agree with Collage’s rating of intermediate-advanced through advanced for this workout. The moves were creative (to the point of being unsafe on some moves, but easy to modify back into safe territory) and definitely intense. The strength work was somewhat imbalanced (no triceps or outer thigh work, heavy on the shoulders, back, chest, hamstrings, and glutes) so should not ideally be used as the only source of a strength regimen. I can see how this workout would fit nicely into a rotation with Jillian’s other workouts, and I look forward to having it in my collection. Overall grade given the poor form, sometimes unsafe moves, and inadequate, rushed instruction: D- to F. However, in my opinion the overall grade for somebody willing to have an open mind and using modifications to make it safe and effective for you: B+!

Instructor Comments:
I very much enjoy Jillian and I have all of her non-Biggest Loser DVDs (and some of them as well). She definitely has an over the top authoritative, A-type outspoken personality, which bothers MANY, but doesn’t bother me. She has about the same loud attitude that she has in her other productions (Yoga Meltdown, 30DS, etc.). She is not stellar on form, mirror cuing, or instruction in this workout.

Emily B.