Kettlebell Workshop With Z-Health

Lauren Brooks, Sara Cheatham
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Instructional / How To Videos , Kettlebell

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I think this workshop is great for someone (fit or not) beginning KB's b/c all the basics are covered in detail, and you get to see Sara/Lauren correcting the workshop participants. It is a large group though, and sometimes they don't get around to correcting everybody. But it's also great for someone with experience with KBs and looking to move to more advanced exercises (they teach double KB exercises & a cool progression for how to increase your KB weight for snatches). I think Sara is excellent at explaining things. The only potentially bad thing is that there is a lot about Z Health, and if you don't care about that, it will be a waste for you. The workshop is well chaptered, but the workouts are not chaptered. The workouts are not fancy productions or anything, just Sara/Lauren and the workshop participants working out together. They do have music, though. The 1st workout uses 1 KB, the second uses 2. Here's what's on the two DVDs:

DVD 1:

Joint mobility
Get up
Clean & press
Front squat
Single leg military press/single leg deadlift
Bottoms up clean & press
Overhead squat & TGU squat style
Pregnancy tips
Workout 1

DVD 2:

Proprioception (Z Health)
Renegade rows
Increasing snatch power
Startle & SAID principle (Z Health)
Double snatch
Double alternating cleans
Movement integration and mobility (Z Health)
Motivation and mobility (Z Health)
Workout 2

I posted breakdowns of the workouts in this thread:

Nyx Black