One On One: Volume 3 #3 Shoulders and Arms MC2

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Upper Body Strength

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One On One Vol. 3 #3 Shoulders and Arms MC2 56:44

In this workout, Tony does two exercises and then repeats them twice for a total of three sets. Then he moves on to the next set. The numbers in parenthesis are the reps for each set.

Warm up

Pike Press with hands on push up handles and feet elevated
(12, 12, 12)
Alternating Arnold Press
(per side: 10, 10, 10)
Repeat 2X

Six direction shoulder fly (10, 10, 12)
Seated bent over fly (15, 15, 12)
Repeat 2X

Seated bicep curl (supination curl) (8, 9, 9)
Pullover lying on stability ball, one dumbbell (12, 12, 12)
Repeat 2X

Crazy 8ís with dumbbells, 16 per side done in sets of 8
Alternating tricep kickbacks (per side: 12, 12, 12)
Repeat 2X