Endurance Strike

Tiffany Reed
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Abs/Core , Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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Viva la difference! I am neither as disappointed as one reviewer nor as in love as the other with this.

Pros: Good cuing (although sometimes I had to catch up after seeing the first rep of a new combo), bouncy soundtrack (I recognized some old instrumental beats from the early 2000s) and brisk pace. The combos were creative. I understand the complaint about kicking with the "wrong" foot but for me it wasn't a big deal. The bursts were tough but stopped just short of being monotonously repetitive.

Cons: Production value was rather like the infamous SCW videos - homemade. The sound was kind of echo-y. Some of the moves were more strange than effective (i.e., in one burst you sort of reach down to pat the floor, then stand up and jog a couple of seconds).

I love kickboxing workouts and tend to forgive a lot of flaws. Overall, the pros of this one beat out the cons for me. I didn't quite see what was so hip-hoppy about it. Her punches certainly weren't the crispest, but that didn't affect my punches.

Instructor Comments:
Down-to-earth, not too jokey or hyper or chatty.



WOW! Just did the workout this morning and I burned almost 500 Calories. I found the workout to be very effective and creative, I think her cueing was amazing and music fit the workout. Tiffany takes you through a warmup of 10 mins. Three kickbox combos for about 30 mins and a 15 min interval mix with abs. I really enjoyed her combos,they are something different from what I have seen before. I would not consider the workout to be a strict kickbox workout like Ilaria's but ment to be fun kickbox inspired workout. I would suggest it to any intermediate to advanced exerciser because it is effective. You get a great calorie burn which is most important to me!

Instructor Comments:
great cueing, creative. Hopefully comes out with more dvds.

fun fitness


This workout is hip hop disguised as kickboxing. I could tell the warm up was a little dancey but I was willing to soldier on, but the 1st combo definitely had "elbow strikes" that were actually hip hop arm moves. And the cast member on my right side, she was definitely dancing. She kept putting her hips into it. She's actually VERY distracting, because she's not really "modifying" but she can't seem to do exactly the same thing as the others, so she sticks out like a sore thumb, because they do not look unified.

But that's not the only problem. There were weird camera angels, where I could see up her nose, and when they'd go back to the main camera they were on the wrong leg. It was not seamless editing.

Also, and this wasn't editing, it was just the way she did the 1st combo, she did a cross, jump kick combo. Well, the jump kick was on the wrong leg. She couldn't just *kick*, she had to pause and mentally prepare to kick on the "wrong" side. It wasn't intuitively the correct side. I couldn't tell that from watching the clip, but when doing it, I kept kicking the opposite leg from what she was doing. Also a LOT of TIFTING in the 1st combo.

2nd combo, she continued to do these dancing moves that she called "punches" but it was just hip hop stuff. I had to give up at this point.

There are no premixes. There's an option on the main menu called "chapters" but it just shows you the sections of the workout in order, you can't use it to program a mix.

Really disappointed. There are no weights used, it's not "cardio and weights."

Instructor Comments:
Cueing was good, personality was bland.