Adita Yrizarry
Year Released: 2000

Categories: Balance/Medicine/Mini/Stability Ball

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Based on this video, I do not expect to see yoga on the balance ball as the next trend in video fitness. Pilates, it turns out, is much more suitable for use with the ball. Still, I appreciate this tape's attempt to use the ball for yoga. It is not a very solid yoga workout, but it does offer a nice stretch and good balance work.

All of the moves that are non-yoga moves work very well with the ball, while all of the moves adapted from yoga (with the exception of child's pose) feel very awkward to me. Downward dog with a huge ball under your chest is awkward. Triangle and warrior with a huge ball between your legs is awkward. Adita claims that using the ball with yoga helps improve form, and I do find this to be the case with pilates and the ball. But my form was horrible while I was doing this tape and I had to stop doing the downward dogs because my back began to hurt.

Rolling around on the ball felt wonderful, however, and there is some good balance work here.

Adita is an encouraging instructor.