Gorgeous Core

Suzanne Bowen
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Abs/Core

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This is a 60 minute dvd that has six 5-12 minute segments on it. You can play all or select a workout. Suzanne works out alone on a lovely set with light wood floors & walls & long flowing curtains. You wont need any props for this w/o, though in 1 section Suzanne suggests you can use dumbbells if you want.

Long, Lean, and Strong: (12 min) This section contains pilates style core moves that get progressively more challening & really hits the obliques. Moves include: leg drops, single leg stretch, straight leg double leg stretch, a mermaid leg pose w/ an oblique twist, modified bridge, and some lower back work.

Classic Abwork: (12 min) This section includes crunches, pulsing crunches, arm reach arounds w/ shoulders lifted, bicycles, c-curve with tempo variations, reverse curls, and V sits.

Sleek Physique: (12 min) This is a nice (tough) plank series that will really work your core & I felt it in my UB as well- with all the plank variations. Moves include: high plank , high plank with knee pulls, high plank w/ knee twists, plank w/ leg lifts, plank w/ chest drops, horizonal shifting planks, T-stands from side to side, side plank w/ twist & overhead pull. This was my favorite section!

Metabolism Bootcamp: (12 min) This is actually not a core specific workout- your core will feel it in many of the moves but I would consider this a total body strenght/ pilates workout. Some of the moves include: Full form pliets and pliet variations, hip shifts, rib shifts, pliet hops, skater hops (with optional weights), lunge-kick- squat combo, Mt. climbers, low hover, push up variations, and she does a good job of adding in arm movements to get the heart going.

Absolute Challenge: (7 min) This section is pilates inspired & moves include c-curve, isometric holds, long arm crunches, single leg stretch, V sit variations, and plank w/ knee dips.

Total Core Fast Blast: (5 min) This is a quick little ab burner; moves include plank w/ arm lifts and rotation, standing c-curve, ab reaches, and one legged bridge. I enjoyed this section quite a bit.

The dvd offers a great variety of different types of core workouts- with a nice variety of time options, all the way up to 60 minutes- which would be one tough core w/o IMO. I really liked Suzanne- semi-serious demeanor, great cueing & form pointers and always shows modifications; I look forward to more w/o's from her. A lot of the work is pilates inspired. I did find it rough on my neck because a lot of the work doesnt allow you to support your neck w/ your hands. I have neck issues & this isnt the 1st core w/o Ive experienced this. I would rate this a solid intermediate core workout. I received this dvd from Anchor Bay to review



There are six segments on this DVD. The cover of the DVD gives a pretty good description of each of them.

There are three workouts that focus on abs:
o Lean, Long, & Strong (12 min) – lots of isometric, pilates inspired moves. This one was the easiest one for me, and I would be likely to use it as an add-on.
o Classic Abwork (12 min) – more traditional ab work, including crunches with different arm movements, bicycles, and v-sits.
o Absolute Challenge (7 minutes) – the most advanced ab routine.

Sleek Physique (12 minutes) is all plank variations and I LOVED this segment. It is my favorite. I did have some DOMS in my hips and shoulders the next day. It is also pretty challenging and she does provide the modification of keeping your knees down if it is too difficult. Planks include:
o Full plank variations: full plank, lifting knee to chest, lifting knee across chest to opposite elbow
o Forearm plank variations: Forearm planks, single leg forearm plank pulsing leg back, raising body up and down, moving body forward and back.
o T-stand side plank on each side
o Side plank variations with forearm down: reaching arms up over and then under, hip pulses
o Reverse plank with hip pulses and then holding

Total Core Fast Blast is only 5 minutes. I think it would be more appropriate as an add-on, then a workout on it’s own. It includes chair pose variations, full plank lifting one hand, crunches, and single leg bridge variations.

Metabolism Bootcamp (12 minutes) – This is the only segment I have not completed yet. This is a mostly standing segment that includes:
o Wide leg squat variations including some jumps
o Leaps from one leg to another, side to side
o Leg lift forward alternating with back dynamic lunges
o V plie with heels lifted
o Side lunge variations
o Forward lunges with arm movements
o Balancing with back leg lifted
She closes with mountain climbers and pushup variations. Some people with sensitive knees (like me), might have to do some modifications as she moves very quickly with some of the moves. I like to use more controlled movement to protect my knees, but think it would be easy to modify.

The routines include some brief stretches but they seem like afterthoughts. This would be my only real complaint. Overall I really liked this DVD – for me it was worth the purchase for the planks alone. But there are also some very good ab segments and I think many people would like Metabolism Bootcamp as well. I think there is plenty here for every fitness level.