Ukee Summer Flow

Eoin Finn
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Yoga
- Audio Workout

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This is one of several free Podcasts available from Eoin on iTunes--since it is free, you can't go wrong to try it, right? In his brief introduction, Eoin states that he offers this class as a little dose of summer for any time of the year. You can also download a PDF of the pose flow for this practice (handwritten little stick figures by Eoin) on Eoin's web site,

Eoin begins this approximately 46-minute practice begins in child's pose, comes to down dog, and then moves through several slow sun salutations. Following this, Eoin cues 1-legged dog; after twisting to open the hips, he has you bring the leg up into a lunge, then move it BACK into 1-legged dog and repeat this sequence three times. He then has you lean over your straight front leg with the arms clasped behind you (pyramid pose variation) and move from this posture into warrior 1 with the arms remaining clasped behind you. Next comes revolved triangle and triangle poses. The following series begins in low lunge and then moves into half splits. From here, Eoin cues a posture which he calls "IT Band Love": he had you move the leg that is bent a bit further out to the side, then straighten that leg and twist towards it--so, almost like a low revolved triangle. The following pose is labeled "Cosmic Frisbee" on the chart, and it seems like it's kind of a leaning wide-legged standing forward bend. He has you finish this sequence with pigeon pose and then repeat everything on the other side.

You still have a few things left to do! First, side plank, then move towards lateral splits; Eoin emphasizes that getting your "crotch" on the floor is not necessary. ;) Next is front splits practiced on both sides followed by camel pose (I was happy to hear Eoin's recommendation that most people stay with their hands on their hips in camel and do NOT go all the way to the heels; I hate going all the way down!). The final poses are half spinal twisted and full seated forward bend. Eoin then leads a brief practice of 3-part breath with holds and concludes with a short savasana (as the chart states, hammock is optional!).

This is a nice, sort of different practice that will definitely target the hips and glutes. It's Eoin and it's free, so as I said before, you can't go wrong! :)

Instructor Comments:
Eoin is Eoin--a laid-back, hippy yoga dude. He is a pro when it comes to audio workouts, and so his cuing is very good overall, although the two unique poses (IT Band Love and Cosmic Frisbee) were just a bit tricky in this one, so definitely download the PDF file for a little extra help.

Beth C (aka toaster)