Dance Off 5he Inches: Cardio Striptease

Megan Armand
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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This is a 30 minute dance workout with a strip tease theme. It has a 20 minute "Step Guide" on the main menu, which breaks down the 10 main combos from the workout. The step guide is instructional, voice only, no music. Unfortunately, it is not chaptered. The 10 combos are:

1. Press and swerve: Plie' squat down, swerve the hips on the way up.

2. Stiletto shake: Walk in a circle in a flaminco kind of walk, while doing arm movements like you're taking your shirt off, then do a shimmy once your shirt is "off".

3. Work the room: Mostly arm movements, while doing a belly dance type hip bounce.

4. Booty Sit: One leg in front of the other in a stagger stancce, bend front leg and do a hip bounce (she says it's "like showing off your stockings").

5. Back Pocket Roll Up: Stick booty out and do a hip roll while moving your hands like you are putting hands in back pockets. Add a second move by touching your toes and rolling back up.

6. Drop it Like it's Hot: Another combo with hip rolls added to another move where you reach one hand down the front leg then back up the leg.

7. Let it Loose: Focused on arm movements overhead while doing side steps.

8. Play Hard 2 Get: Slide legs in circles while stepping back, then do a hiproll walking forward.

9. Leg Drag: Step leg out to the side then slide it back in, while doing shoulder rolls.

10. Tease and Turn: There's a "leg flick" type move, then you add a second move where you do one-quarter turns.

The workout itself is chaptered, with jazz inspired music but nothing overly sexy or burlesque sounding. It starts with a warm up, then the 10 combos start in the main workout, after the warmup. Megan has 2 cast members behind her. (I noticed one of them is big-chested, I guess they cast her in the roll of the "stripper"? Because the instructor and the other cast member look more athletic.)

There is a pause after each of the combos, when we are told to "move sexy" (which is a sexy version of walking in place). I think that makes the workout more beginner level, because it does not just go immediately from one combo the next.

I feel there was enough instruction in the main workout to do it without the step guide, unless you are a total dance workout clutz like me! I was glad to have the step guide!

I (as a high intermeidate exerciser) found this workout to be great for light days. It is a lot of FUN!!! I usually do dance when I need something easy and fun to perk up my mood, if I am tired or stressed. This was perfect! I really enjoyed it. Some people might find it not appropriate with kids around. I personally didn't find it over-the-top, ymmv.

Instructor Comments:
Clear instruction, good cueing. A lot of talk to set up the next combo was obviously scripted, but her presentation was still good. She made the workout fun.