Qi Gong for Weight Loss

Lee Holden

Categories: Tai Chi / Qigong , Yoga

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Thank you to Fiona for writing her detailed review!

This is a DVD that I find myself gravitating toward lately on those "I don't want to work out" days more than my old standbys - Pilates, Ellen Barrett, or a YBB Live. I can have my QiGong fix and get a little workout, too. In my opinion, this routine is one of the rare few (if not the only) of the numerous For Weight Loss titles out there. I really do feel my heart rate elevating, more so than in any Yoga for Weight Loss routine. And I get a great core workout with some bonus mild DOMS the day after, in all the right places.

As Fiona mentioned, you can break it into segments, but I prefer to do the entire routine. It always energizes me and brightens my mood, with the bonus of making me feel centered, too. Lee is very motivating when the going gets tough ("Remember, this routine is to give you something to work up to."). I'm very glad to have invested in it.

Instructor Comments:
Very motivating, regular guy. In the bonus segment that shows behind the scenes footage from filming the routines, there is a clip of three plain tee shirts hanging from a branch, entitled "Wardrobe." That is Lee Holden!



Qi Gong for Weight Loss

This DVD consists of 2 programs (Beginner and Standard), each divided into 3 sections (Standing, Lying Face Down, and Lying Face Up). The Beginner Program totals 26:18 minutes and the Standard Program totals 41:45 minutes. The breakdown is listed below with my comments following:

(Note: the starred moves are only done in the Standard Program)

Standing Routine: (Beginner 14:46; Standard 18:49)

1. Deep Abdominal Breathing
2. Fanning the Fire Breathing
3. Abdominal Massage
4. Circle & Knocking
5. Arm Swings
6. Shaking
7. Tiger
8. Turtle
9. Wide-Leg Weight Shift *
10. Lunge and Flow * (Note: this is lunging in and out of warrior position)
11. Earth Flow
12. Wrist Cross Flow
13. Swimming Dragon
14. Pebble in the Pond
15. Centering

Lying Face Down: (Beginner 8:09; Standard 14:06)

1. Dolphin
2. Tai Chi Push-Up *
3. Child's Pose
4. Dog Wagging the Tail
5. Cobra
6. The Mountain * (aka Downward Facing Dog)
7. Cat Tuck/Dog Pose (aka Cat/Cow)
8. Dog Pose with Leg Extension *
9. The Mountain with Leg Extension *

Lying Face Up: (Beginner 3:23; Standard 8:50)

1. Deep Abdominal Breathing
2. Breathing into the Ribs
3. Hug Both Knees into the Chest
4. Core: Right Leg Up/Left Leg Up/Both Legs Up *
5. Twist
6. Core Twist/Core Twist Legs Out *
7. Hug One Knee, Lift the Head
8. Bridge
9. Leg Circles *
10. Pulling the Bow *
11. Bicycle & Advanced Bicycle *


This workout just arrived in the mail today, so I did the Standard Standing part after my morning cardio, and the 2 Standard Floor parts this afternoon. This program is again filmed with Lee on a platform in the lake with the gorgeous background scenery and is designed to stimulate the internal organs and boost metabolism. It is meant to invigorate rather than relax and would best be done in the morning or afternoon – not in the evening. The DVD includes the usual Pocket Routine Guide. Splitting the program into Standing and Floor segments is a good idea because then you're staying in one place, and can decide if you want to be on your feet or on the floor. The “Lying Face Down section” is mostly done on all fours or in Downward Facing Dog position, rather than actually “lying”. Anyone who gets this one should make sure to read the Qi Tips for Weight Loss in the Bonus section. One thing that isn't included in the Bonus Section on this DVD is the video showing Lee and his family and crew making the workout which is on some of his other workouts. Another great Lee Holden workout!

Fiona Galbraith