One On One: Volume 3 #2 - ARX 2 (Ab Ripper X 2)

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Abs/Core

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One On One Volume 3 #2 ARX2 (Ab Ripper X 2) Total time 44:19

Brief stretching

1. Banana to crunch: from banana, bring elbows to knees and touch twice, then stretch back to banana. Tony does 20 sets (2 taps per set).
2. Scissor twist: like a straight legged bicycle, feet never touch floor, elbow touches opposite knee. Tony does 20 per side.
3. Oblique roll crunch: roll from side to side and do one oblique crunch, elbow to knee and legs straight. Tony does 20.
4. Side arm balance crunch: from side plank, bring elbow to knee, top foot stays elevated throughout. Tony does 20 per side.
5. Bug bicycle crunch: bicycle with arms moving with legs (one arm overhead and one forward). Tony does 30 per side.
6. Row your boat: sitting, arms and legs move forward and back at the same time, feet never touch the floor. Tony does 30.
7. Scissor clapper: sitting, scissor the legs and clap underneath, legs never touch floor. Tony does 40.
8. The abronome: on back, take straight legs side to side (a/k/a windshield wipers). Tony does 30.
9. Draw bridge lift: on back, take straight legs up and lift hips up, bring legs back down but they never touch the floor. Tony does 20.
10. Phelan twist lift: sitting with legs off floor and leaning back with arms crossed in front, twist side to side. Tony does 20.
11. Elbow to knee crunch straight leg toe touch (or crunch toe touch): elbows to knees, then straighten legs up and touch toes, bring elbows back to knees, come down, but feet never touch the floor. Tony does 30 sets.
12. High low open close: lying on back, open legs out, bring together, legs straight up and down. Tony does 20 sets.
13. Corkscrew crunch: sitting with legs off floor, bring elbow to knee in an oblique crunch. Tony does 14 per side.
14. One kick two kick V-crunch: from V sit, straighten one leg (like a kick), then the other, then both, feet never touch the floor. Tony does 7 sets.
15. Roll to boat: from back, roll up without letting feet touch the floor, then straighten legs to boat. Tony does 25.
16. Superman banana X: roll from X shaped superman on stomach to X shaped banana on back, arms and legs never touch the floor. Tony does 10.
17. The tornado: lying on back, legs go around in a circle. Tony does 15 each direction.
18. Banana roll up toe grab V-boat: from a bent leg banana, roll up to a balancing bent leg V-sit, grab toes and straighten legs out to the side. Tony does 15.
19. Through the legs and behind the back: sitting with legs never touching the floor, weave a med ball around each leg and then behind the back. Tony does 10 sets.
20. Bicycle 100: fast bike crunches. Tony does 100 per side.