Insanity Deluxe Workouts

Shaun T.
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Abs/Core , Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Upper Body Strength

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Deluxe Workout: Insanity Upper Body Weight Training (47:20)

The setting of Insanity Upper Body is a gym, and Shaun T. has two other people working out him.

Insanity UB consists of four circuits, 3 cycles within each circuit. There are generally 2 weighted exercises and 1 or 2 floor (core based) exercises. The goal is to pyramid “up” in weight for each round of the circuit while the number of reps goes down (12/10/8).

The workout is meant to be done with weights that really challenge you, and there are rest periods in between each set.

Equipment needed: bench; three sets of weights

Warm up:
+speed jog
+jump rope
+jumping jacks
+1 2 3 Heisman
+Power hooks

Circuit one:
+360 shoulder press (seated on bench)
+Pulse bicep curls (seated on bench)
+In out abs with a tricep push up (on floor)
+Floor sprints 30 sec. (repeat doing 20 secs then 10 secs)

Circuit two:
+Squat concentration curl (concentration curl while in low squat position; one arm, then other right away)
+180 Lat raise
+Elevated tricep dip w/ feet on bench (10 both feet, 10 one foot, 10 other foot—same all three rounds)
+Power Jumps (12 reps, 10, 8)

Circuit three:
+Full Rotation Fly (on bench; head slightly elevated, core engaged)
+Push up with Front Raise (hands on weights; alternate raising arm forward w/ weight)
+High Knees with twist 30 sec. (12 reps, 10, 8)

Circuit four:
+ Chest Press w/ Leg Raise
+Bent over row/fly (6 rows, 6 flyes; 5/5; 4/4)
+ski abs (20, 16, 20)

Stretch (1:30)

Instructor Comments:
Shaun T. is really engaging and encouraging during this workout. He chooses weights that really challenge him, and he seems to want to show us that he struggles too sometimes.



Deluxe Workout: Max Interval Sports Training (approx 55 min)

“Dig deeper; it’s game day baby!” “Sometimes I don’t want you to take a break, when you know you can push yourself!”

This Insanity workout is steady cardio, and it is organized by into 5 different sports (boxing, football, basketball, gymnastics, track and field). The intervals within each sport start off with lower intensity and become increasingly more intense.

MIST does not have the long stretch after the warm-up that the other Interval workouts have. The first set of exercises (boxing jabs and upper cuts) is slower than most, so that functions like an extended warm up. I used 1lb. weights to increase the intensity during the boxing segment – since there is a 30 second break before and after this drill, it’s easy to grab weights or weighted gloves and put them on and off.

The times for the intervals varies from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, and some of the intervals include several variations (which increase in intensity) on the move.

The “Ladder” section of Track and Field (which is Shaun T's sport) is a little grueling, but Shaun T. makes it fun by having people run side by side and then on the last one having them run in a big circle.

WARM-UP: (total about 8 minutes; approx. 30 seconds per move)

+Jump Rope
+ Switch Heels
+ Switch Heels Higher
+ Jump Rope Side-Side
+ Cross Jacks
+ High Knee Pulls/Low Knee Pulls/Hand to Floor Knee Pulls (about 30 seconds each)
+REPEAT with greater intensity
+30 sec water break


+ Jab Across/Jab Across 2 & 2/Jab Across 4 & 4/Jab Across 8 & 8
+ Uppercuts/Uppercuts 2 & 2/ Uppercuts 4 & 4/Uppercuts 8 & 8
+ 50 sec water break
+ 8 Fast Jabs/8 Power Jumps – 8 sets, about 1 min. 30 secs. total)
+ 1 min water break.


+ Footbal Drills (Fast feet/drop to floor and move in plank position 8 times to right, spring up, repeat and go other way—about 1 min.)
+ 45 sec rest
+ Tricep Pulses in low tricep push-up position (30 seconds)
+ 30 sec rest
+Tackle at high intensity (Low squat, arms wide, core tight, mimic grabbing person, move from right to left)
+ 20 sec rest
+Offensive Line Elbow (jump laterally several steps while powering elbow forward, first to right, then left)
+1 min 20 sec water break.

SPORT #3 -- BASKETBALL: (most of the intervals are about 1 minute, except the Suicide Drills which is 2 minutes)

+8 “3 Point Shots” to Right/Sprint 8 steps in semi-circle/8 “3 Point Shots” to Left, etc
+40 sec rest
+Guard Drills (low squat, arms wide, hop back 3, switch, hop back 3, etc.
+25 sec rest
+ Suicide Drills (run and tap the floor; 2 minutes)
+20 sec rest
+Basketball Dribble (jump switch lunges, dribble ball under)
+1 min 25 sec water break


+ Pike Jumps (hands on floor, inverted V Position, bend legs and then straighten and kick up into pike)
+35 sec rest
+Pendulum (from pike position, work oblique by jumping right and then left leg into center like a pendulum)
+45 sec rest
+Ab work (in “C sit” position -- 6 inch leg raise hold, Flutter Kicks, Scissors 2X)
+15 sec rest
+Repeat Ab Work
+40 sec rest
+ V Push-Ups (Inverted V position, head to floor, 20 reps--35 seconds)
+1 min 10 sec rest
+Bronco Jumps (start in squat position; jump softly onto hands and kick legs up, hop back 3 steps, etc)
+1 min 20 sec water break


+ Ladders (High Knee runs which pyramid up and down in sprint time; total 5 minutes 40 seconds)
+15 sec Ladders/15 sec rest/30 sec Ladders/15 sec rest/45 sec Ladders/15 sec rest/60 sec Ladders/15 sec rest/45 sec Ladders/15 sec rest/30 sec Ladders/15 sec rest/15 sec Ladders
50 sec rest
+Long Jump (start with jog, then sprint, 3-2-1 jump onto right and power up into long jump – 5 on right, 5 on left)

4 min Cool Down Stretch

Instructor Comments:
Shaun really pushes you during this workout, especially while "coaching" the Suicide Drill. He shouts out comments like: “Keep pPushin’!””Don’t Slack,” “No You Don’t Need a Break.” I personally found this motivating, especially since that drill starts to feel really looong!