30 Minutes to Fitness: L.I.F.T.

Kelly Coffey-Meyer
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Total Body Workouts

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Just did this for the first time this morning and thought it was tough and good! I was looking for something different(doing lots of Cathe lately) and this was totally different than anything I own.

I walked my dogs for my warmup and started right in on the Olympic lift section.

This is certainly an endurance workout..by the end of the workout I was very glad to be done. A squat-fest for sure. I used 40lbs instead of KCM's 30, and was very challenged. I don't know Olympic form that well, but she seemed to explain the form well enough and I felt safe doing the moves since the barbell wasn't that heavy.

It is repetitive, but I like Tonique so I don't mind repetitive. It didn't feel boring to me at all because it is pretty short and the reps were easy to cout down. This will be an easy workout to grow with, as you can add weight to make it tougher.

The workout was actually only 23 minutes instead of 30 if you subtract the stretchy cooldown which I did because I followed it up with the Powersculpt section.

The Powersculpt part of the workout felt tough because I was pretty fried by the Lift portion. This part is 27 min, using lighter weights. I used 8"s and 10's. I think that was what Kelly used too. This is a gem of a workout if you want to hit your whole body at once including your core.

If you add the two together, I'd put this workout in the same category as a KB workout....kind of functional, kind of squat heavy, strenuous with a bit of a cardio effect, plus some upper body too.

It clocked in at 50 min without warmup and cooldown.

Totally worth the $15 I spent on it!:) As always YMMV.

Instructor Comments:
Kelly is strong, encouraging and straight forward.



This DVD includes two 30 minute workouts - Olympic Lifting and Powersculpting. It also includes one very short workout called Body Refiner. This review is only for Powersculpting, since it's the only one I've done so far.

DVD Menu:
Workout One - Olympic Lifting
Workout Two - Powersculpting
Quick Body Refiner
Music On/Off

Workout Two (Powersculpting) Menu Options -
Core & Legs Mix (13 min)
Time Saver Mix (24 min) - one round of each exercise
Main Menu

Workout Two Breakdown - (Kelly uses 10 lb. and 7 lb. dumbbells)
Wide side to side steps, then add a dumbbell arc overhead (circle it overhead from hip to hip)
Zig zag side to side, holding dumbbell
Repeat wide side to side steps w/dumbbell arc

Upper cuts right and left, curtsy dip left and right w/sort of a half biceps curl at top
Straight leg lifts to front, reach hand to opposite toe holding dumbbells
Repeat upper cut/curtsy dip combo

Wide squats, then go down into plank and renegade row, walk feet up and stand
Standing, swing dumbbell fom hip to chest level and around to other hip, using hips
Repeat squat/renegade row combo

Side chamber knee, then add body block with arm (kinda a triceps kickback), holding dumbbells
Close pulsing squats
Repeat side chamber knee/body block combo

Alternating front lunges, touch dumbbells together under the leg at bottom, and then together at chest level at the top
Crescent kicks
Repeat front lunge/dumbbell touch combo

Double step touch side to side, push dumbbells front and then side
3 alternating side lunges side to side
Repeat double step touch/push combo

Alternating dips with hold w/overhead triceps extension during the hold
Touch toe out in front, deadlift down and shoulder fly, alternate
Repeat dips/triceps extension combo

Workout was about 27.5 minutes (not coungint WU/CD). When I first previewed this workout, I wasn't sure about it. I liked the music, but she said each move is done for a minute, and the moves are very simple, AND you repeat them, so I thought this might be pretty repetitive. I then did the workout, and although it is a bit repetitive, I actually didn't find it overly so. I think I am starting to like the idea of doing each move for a minute. Although it isn't going to be a party in a box, I think I could really stand to increase my endurance in that respect. I sometimes feel like weight workouts that move very quickly from one thing to another don't improve that part of my fitness. I also like how she works the arms without doing a ton of traditional isolation moves like biceps curls. Even if there are some in there, they don't feel like the norm.

Nyx Black