Pulse Yoga Express

Argie Ligeros Tang, Prisca Boris
Year Released: 2006

Categories: Yoga

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NAME Argie Tang and Prisca Boris
DURATION 30 minutes
EQUIPMENT yoga sticky mat, yoga block, and light weights
TYPE Yoga with weights
MUSIC Generic; not very good.

This is a yoga with weights routine led by Argie Tang and Prisca Boris. I would describe it more as a fusion workout, yoga postures with several pulsing moves added throughout. Argie uses light weights (2-3 pounds) to bring some intensity into the postures. Prisca shows modifications.

The setting is outdoors on a stone porch overlooking a golf course and the ocean. The music is awful generic.

Here is the routine:

- Warm up the body by swinging out the arms and walking in place. Sort of looks like you are taking leisurely stroll.

- Plank (held for a full minute!)I didn't make it LOL!

- Unlike Pulse Yoga Basic I, what follows is a SHORT sun salutation series. Hurrah! The salutation is the same as Pulse Yoga Basic I, only quicker and more condensed. However, it doesn't feel rushed. The salutations include down dogs with pulses (alternately lowering each heel to the ground) and from there lifting up one leg in various positions and pulsing. Cobra while raising both legs straight and pulsing them in a slow flutter kick. Upper body exercises (like biceps curls) with the weights while in Warrior I and II and Triangle;

- Next, a pulsing Half Moon pose

- Third, Pigeon pose (Prisca shows an alternative);

- Finally, U-sits. Lying on your back, you curl up and hold the upper body and pulse. Next is pulsing bridges with the yoga block between the thighs. A few stretches and a (short) savasana complete the routine.

PROS: Worked up some heat and felt some DOMS the next day. Routine started tough and kept going. Argie is very encouraging and detailed in her cueing. I like that Argie and Prisca have great rapport; they are not trying to outdo each other. Unlike Pulse Yoga Basic I, which seemed to go on FOREVER, this practice moved at a quick pace and the moves were varied throughout.

There were just enough reps and sets of each exercise (although, there were less exercises in this one than the first) that I didn't become distracted. In fact, I didn't watch the clock the entire time; the workout FLEW by!

CONS: No mirror cueing, no chaptering, and lousy music. But since the workout wasn't that long, the music wasn't that noticeable.

THIS is what Pulse Yoga Basic I should have been. It wasn't so much the length, but the pace of the movements along with the variety of poses.