Walk Weight Loss Bootcamp

Leslie Sansone
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Walking Aerobics

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A little about me. Leslie Sansone was my first (successful) foray into home exercise. I love Leslie. I like her in crowds, alone, in a bat cave, in a living room with a sleeping husband on the couch. But I can be totally unbiased in this review ;).

This workout comes with two figure eight bands, a red one and a yellow one. If you are getting this in a trade and you have bands, don’t worry about not having the ones with the kit. They are nothing special and not worth the extra it cost to get them in this kit.

Set: Not the bat cave. A light, bright set, faux gym setup with equipment laying artfully around, a lone double stack of lockers in the background. Nothing offensive, but nothing to ooh and ahh over.

Leslie is in black pants and a pink shirt, which stand out nicely against the white background. Moves are easy to see.

Leslie is very calm in this workout. She is by herself. There is no cackling, no references to walk away from the laundry/dishes. She talks about the workout and the movements along with her general enthusiastic, supportive comments.

Equipment: Just the two bands. Workout could easily be done with hand weights as well.

Warm up is typical Leslie. No equipment used in the warm up. She does change up the steps a little bit, heel digs, toe taps behind the foot, a different patterned knee up. Again, all stuff I like but nothing earth shattering. She has been incorporating these moves in her workouts lately (2009-2010). But she also does the traditional side steps and kicks and knee ups.

The use of the bands starts with the second mile. Again, nothing fancy, nothing new. Puts the band under her foot and works one side of the body for two minutes and then does a three-minute boosted walking/walking interval. Then goes to the other side of the body for two minutes, followed by another three minutes of boosted walking/walking, and the pattern continues.

The third mile uses the band with the upper body, again as walking intervals interspersed with band work.

There is a core bonus session that I did not do, and won’t do. It is mat work, though.

The DVD is chaptered. The music is typical Leslie. No “Everybody” that I heard, but then again I am inured to it all.

I think the name is a bit of a misnomer. There is nothing here that I remotely consider bootcamp, no push-ups, no HIIT, no puke in the bucket.

But as always, Leslie is Leslie. If you like her, there is nothing about this that will turn you off. If you would rather eat dirt than go for a walk with Leslie, there is nothing here that will change your menu.