Dance Cardio Workout

Tracy Anderson
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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► Me - intermediate, get complex choreography easily, no opinion either way about Tracy & her 'teeny tiny' kind of reputation - I think I'm pretty unbiased there. This is a 'first impressions' review.
► I didn't finish it. Unlike typical workouts with complex choreography, this is NOT built up from easy moves, added and/or modified until the final busy routine is completed.
► There's a learning section where each combo is explained slowly, built up in pieces, then done at speed facing the front & the back (mirror method is not used), but there's no chaptering to jump to the next combo if you've mastered the first one or two - you'll have to fast-forward to find the one you want.
► The workout doesn't have chaptering to each combo either, & little-to-no verbal cueing is given during the workout, so you'll really HAVE to learn them first!
► After doing 2 combos from the slow set, became a bit bored, felt like my workout time wasn't being used to actually exercise, so I tried to see if I could just do the workout - nope, too fast/complex/no cues.
► So... it's going to take time to learn the combos before I can even attempt the workout itself. Once that's done though, it seems like it'd be a fair sweat maker.
► IF there were chapters, one could focus on a combo at a time - do the instructional version as a warmup, then jump to that one in the workout and repeat it several times to get good & sweaty, ......... but there aren't.

She's alone, clothing is inoffensive & attractive, room is spartan & light - so... fine!

Unless it's particularly good or poor, I don't really notice, & I didn't here.

I'll learn one combo at a time, and persevere with having to scroll through to combos 2, 3, ...

Instructor Comments:
I had no problem with her at all - none of the usual reasons people can get annoyed: not patronising, not too chatty, voice is fine... I'd be happy enough to work with her again.