Kim Kardashian's Fit in Your Jeans by Friday Ultimate Butt Body Sculpt

Jennifer Galardi, Kim Kardashian
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Lower Body Strength , Step Aerobics

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This dvd is led by Jen Galardi who works out w/ Kim in a nice studio/ apartment looking set that I thought was really cute & unique. The dvd has a 6 minute w/u, 15 minute lower body strength workout, a 20 minute cardio & lower body workout, and a bonus 5 minute butt workout. The dvd allows you to play all or select a workout. You will need dumbbells for both w/o's and a step & dumbbells for w/o #2.

Lower Body Workout #1: This workout starts w/ an unwieghted pliet series, including pliet heel drag, pliet into lunge and she adds arm movements to up the intensity a bit. Then you do a weighted squat series (she uses extremely light weights-but I used heavier), squat w/ overhead press, walking squats w/ a kick and overhead press, squat pulses side to side, etc. Next is a side lunges series that includes some balance & core work with added twists & knee raises. She finishes with standing leg extensions to work the quads and progresses into a balancing stick move.

Lower Body Workout #2: You start with a quick 2 minute warmup. The rest of the work is comprised of: stepping up onto the step w/ a glute extension, static ham curls, a calf raise series with lots of vareity, a warrior 2/ lunge move onto the step, plank w/ leg lifts, over the step into a squat off the side, and leg abductions. There is stretching interspersed throughout the work and you conclude with more stretching.

Bonus Butt Blast: This is lying lower body & core work and the moves include: a bridge series w/ plenty of variety alternated with crunches & oblique crunches.

I know nothing about Kim so Im neutral there. I really like Jen and enjoyed this workout quite a bit; she provides excellent form pointers, great cuing, and often offers an "advanced" option. Its quite different than most w/o's I have. Its more of a low weight-high rep type of workout. I like to use it as add-ons to other w/o's. Very versatile w/ time options from 5-45 minutes. I would rate this a lower intermediate workout that is REALLY easy to modify up or down to suit your needs. If you are a Kim fan-Im sure you will love it. If you don't like her- I would probably stay away because while she doesnt lead- she does comment throughout. I received a copy of this dvd to review from Exercise TV.