Target Tae Bo

Billy Blanks
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Abs/Core , Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts , Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Lower Body Strength , Total Body Workouts, Upper Body Strength

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This workout comes from Tae Bo T3: Total Transformation Training system (the "Power Within" package).

This is a toning workout, all high-repetition & very low weight (all participants are using the 1-pound T3 weights, though Billy doubles them up for a few 1-handed exercises). Despite the fact that this is all toning, moves are done at a very brisk pace and (especially during the legs segment) I found myself breathing heavily and sweating (so I felt there was a cardio effect there).

There are 6 different segments, each running about 10-minutes each:
1. Biceps/Triceps
2. Shoulders/Chest
3. Back/Lats
4. Legs
5. Glutes
6. Abs

I would be lying if I said that today (my first day doing this) I was able to go straight through! I did all of segment 1....almost all of segment 2.....only a few minutes of segment 3 b/c my upper body just gave out! Then I did segment 4....most of segment 5.....and couldn't go any further. What a workout! I am quite wobbly from it and really felt the burn!

To be honest, I did not really like using the T3 weights.....due to the quick pacing of the moves, I felt the need to grip the weight tightly to control and not flail, and it's not a comfy weight to really grip. Might swap it out with my soft, 1-pound hand weight or move up to my 1.5 pound ankle weights.

There is NO warm-up or cool-down, and they are much needed! And this is such a long workout, I think (for me) it'll be best to break this workout in half for 2 separate days and add a warm-up and cool-down/stretch. There is very little form instruction. Some of the movements felt uncomfortably fast, so I just did them at my own pace.

Instructor Comments:
Billy is--as usual--VERY enthusiastic. My husband felt that Billy didn't do many of the exercises (as he said "He just walks around the whole time!")...I felt it was about the same as Billy's other videos. Shellie, I'm sad to say, was very annoying in this video. Lots of LOUD, in-pain yells during the high-burn segments. I agree, the burn was there...but when you do all 6 segments, you're hearing her yell A LOT. Even my 4 year old wanted to know why that lady kept yelling. :)