6 Minute Quick Blast Method - Total Body Calorie Blast

Tracey Mallett
Year Released: 2008

Categories: Circuit Training (cardio and weights) , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Lower Body Strength , Pilates/Core Strength , Upper Body Strength , Yoga

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This is one of my go-to workouts when I need something short that will get my heart pumping quickly. Tracey doesn't waste a second of your time. The full workout, as well as the premixes, flow very nicely. Tracey introduces you to every segment, but there is no "dead time" as there is with workouts of the 10 Minute Solution series, and the warm-up and cool down are separate chapters that play before and after each premix.
This dvd has a nice balance of circuits that will elevate your heartate quickly, and yoga and pilates for further toning and flexibility.

Instructor Comments:
Tracey cues very well and does a great job moving swiftly from one exercise to the next. She is naturally bubbly and enthusiastic in the cardio segments but tones it down for the pilates and yoga segments.



This dvd offers seven 6 minute workouts, is chaptered, and offers a variety of premixes as well as "play all" and play individual segments. Tracey works out with 4 b/g exerciers, one showing beginner modifications. The set is open with hardwood floors and some colored windows. You will need a variety of dumbbells (they use 1 set but I recommend multiple).

There are three 6 minute cardio strength interval workouts ("Cardio Blasts")-all of which I REALLY enjoyed. I love combining cardio & strength. Tracey alternates 1 minute of cardio w/ 1 minute of strength and you repeat the segment 2ce in each "blast". This is a quick moving workout and she doesnt waste any time! There are three 6 minute "mind body" segments that include core, pilates, and yoga work. There is also a bonus ab blaster routine. Tons of variety here.

Cardio Blasts: The segments include pliet wood chop combo, cross country skiing, tricep extension with a rear leg push, curtsy-side raise, knee pulls, jumprope, pulse squat-hops, power side steps, flamingo balance move w/ a bicep curl, and a modified plank with a row.

Mind Body Blasts: A is yoga inspried, B is core focused, and C is pilates inspired. The moves include: A) cresent pose, warrior, triangle, down dog, plnak, upper back opener, & dog splits. B) knee twists, chest lift butterfly crunches, single leg extension, criss cross, flutter kicks, and a pilates leg series. C) chair pulses, side plank leg lift, double leg stretch, dolphin kick backs, leg pull front, & cat cow w/ leg pull.

Ab Blast: The bonus ab section

I would rate this an intermediate workout. While Tracey is not my favorite instructor I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this workout. LOVE the format- Im a huge fan of 1 min cardio/ 1 min strength workouts. I also liked how there was no wasted time, it got my heartrate up nicely & was easy to modify up (if desired). Loved the versatility of the 6 minute w/o's and the premixes on the dvd.