Turbo Fire: Lower 20 / Upper 20

Chalene Johnson
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Lower Body Strength , Upper Body Strength

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TF Upper 20/Lower 20 is chaptered into 3 sections, upper 20, lower 20 & Stretch 10. Upper 20 uses a (light)resistance band w/ handles, and Lower 20 uses a long, flat band (tied in a loop) for the exercises.
I really like this workout, and think it should have been included in the basic TF set vs. the other resistance workouts that came w/ it (the exercises in this workout flow well into the next, no awkward exercises strung together). The workouts are short in duration of time, high rep, lighter resistance focus, and easy to pair together for a total body workout or longer workout.

Upper 20:
There is an exercise modifier who demos the exercises w/ one foot on band vs. both that the others are performing (and most have a normal to wide stance of legs, not narrow).
Chalene recommends as heavy resistance as possible to reach muscle failure, but her & the background exercisers use the light pink BB band exercises.

Warm-up is a standard TF workout: step tap w/ arm sweep or circles, squats (traditional & sumo/plie), side facing lunge w/ bicep curl/tricep extension & reach to floor> pull back to shoulder, hip flexor w/ arms forward.
Overhead press-both arms- standard pace, faster pace, then single arms (finish out one side, then move to next)

Lateral raise (both arms)- 8 count up & down>2 count up & down> single arm at fast pace

Bicep curls (arms vary from )- 4 count up & down> 2 count up & down> both arms fast pace> single arm curls

Tricep extension (1 arm focus at a time, working arm crosses in front of face)- 4 count up & down> 2 count up & down> both arms working in exercise (other arm, that was holding band in a stationary position to the hip now extends w/ the exercise). Repeat sequence on other side.

Bicep Curl into Overhead Press (cued to have leg stance wide)- 4 count up & down (2 for each exercise)

Alternating front press & lateral raise (band is under front foot)- cues slow pace on the lateral raise

Push-ups to side plank- 4 count up & down, hold side plank

Lat row (bands are wrapped around feet/ankles)- first set arms are up high (upper back/shoulder focus, but parallel to the floor), next set down lower (traditional lat row focus)

Push-up position w/ band held on side for delt/posterior fly, first set on toes (wide legs), next set on knees. Repeat on other side.

Push-ups- one set of twelve at any pace.

Stretch-1 min.: child pose, alternating triceps>shoulder, arm circles.

Lower 20 exercises:
Warm-up similar to Upper 20 but with more squat reps (different variations & tempo) and some static lower body stretches (inner thigh, quad, IT/hip band)

Step tap (band at ankle)- single/two steps each way>two & then side leg lifts> alternating, single leg lifts> squat> step tap. Repeat on other side.

Squat 3ís & leg lift (alternate sides), squat>quad extension (cues itís similar form to a front kick

Hamstring curls (body faces side, band around bottom of shoe of working leg, stationary leg has band around ankle), 2 count up & down> singles> hold working leg in bent position (90 degrees/parallel to floor) and push out to the back. Face front, arms held above head> rear leg lift (arabesque). Repeat sequence on other side. Hamstring stretch after the second side is performed.

Side leg lift w/ bent knees (body is on side, 90 degree angle for knees, looks almost like clam but the feet are wide apart not together, knees come together not feet), slow> fast tempo> straight leg lift. Roll onto back- a high bicycle (w/ bands still around ankles, legs are up higher in air than traditional bicycle) alternating sides> two alternating reps> two wide leg pull (legs separate)> last set of leg pulls. Repeat sequence for the side leg lifts on other side.

Quadruped position- on elbows, working leg has band around bottom of shoe for rear leg extension (high), stationary leg has band around ankle. 4 count up & down> 2 count> singles> bent knee raises (small range of motion). Repeat on other side.

Quad extension- seated w/ bent knees leaning back a bit, and with band around both ankles. Arms are behind one bent knee (working leg), and leg extends up & returns to starting position, 2 count up & down. Cues to keep legs wide for challenge & lean back more if not feeling it. Repeat on other side.

Stretch- 2 min.: butterfly, hamstring (single leg), hip.

Instructor Comments:
Chalene gives great form pointers and motivating comments. She is more toned down (less hyper, more calm) in personality than in the TF cardio workouts, and she's not shaking it like she was in the TJ sculpt workout.