Turbo Fire: Core 20

Chalene Johnson
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Abs/Core

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Let me start this review by saying I HATE to work the core so I may be a bit biased in that respect! I agree with the previous reviewer that the tubing made things a little complicated and at times I couldn't help but feel my arms rather than my midsection. The standing exercises are more beginner level,IMO, and again the tubing made them feel complicated without really increasing the difficulty level. Simply put, I just didn't feel the burn in my abs. What I did feel was the floor work - a good portion of it anyway. But it seemed like just when she got into the "YES! my abs are burning!" type of exercises you would expect in an "Extreme" set of DVDs, the workout is over.

40 minute stretch is on this DVD also, and for me 40 minutes of stretching was like pure torture, it just bored me to tears as I am not a yoga/stretch type person. As the previous reviewer mentioned, it's more of a yoga workout and if you don't like yoga, you probably won't like this. Spending 40 minutes stretching, I would have expected to see some more upper body/back stretches and there was very little of that in this routine.



I think a lot of people like this Core workout, but I didn't care for it too much. It uses bands which adds resistance, but to me, makes things unnecessarily complicated. I found the band just getting in the way, and holding it was uncomfortable to me. I ended up feeling like my back was being tweaked, and I stopped using it. The 2nd half is without the band and includes some nice planks, but I don't really think this one is going to work it's way into my rotations anytime soon.

This DVD also includes the 40 minutes stretch (a yoga routine really), another routine I didn't love. The 10 minute stretch class is on here too, but that one is on every single dvd in the series. This stretch I do really like.

Lisa C