Turbo Fire: Fire 45 Class

Chalene Johnson
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I am new to TF, this is only the third one I've tried and so far this is my favorite. Someone else has already broken the workouts down, so I'll just write my own impressions. For background, I usually work out with Cathe, and consider myself on the lower end of advanced. This workout was FUN and had me working up a serious sweat. I usually have a pretty tough time picking up anyone other than Cathe's choreography but I was able to do just about everything the first time through. There is the new to class option that basically stops the class timer to break the combo down before you run through it. In the normal workout she doesn't break it down at all, which I think is great because your heart rate doesn't drop throughout this whole dvd. The workout timer in the corner I really liked too, although that might bother some exercisers. I give it an A+!!!

Instructor Comments:
I really like working out with Chalene. She is motivating, FULL of energy and just seems like a genuinely nice person.



Fire 45 Review
I’ll cut to the chase; this is one of my favorite TurboFire workouts, and I love them all
Fire 45 consists of 4 combos, 3 turbos , and an extended Finale. The sequence is: Combo 1, Combo 2, Fire Drill 1, Combo 3, Fire Drill 2 and 3, Combo 4, Finale, and Cool Down. ! I always do the section from the first Turbo straight through to the third Turbo twice and turn it into an hour long workout just because it’s so fun!
In addition to the usual fare of hi-lo punches with jump, twists, throw, and zig-zag knee, this workout features spead bag arms and The Wheel. 3 of the 4 combos have kick sequences (which includes front, back and side-kicks).
The second and third Turbo are the same, and they include a short “Proud Mary” riff with the “Tina Turner” signature move. There are lots of high knees and hit the floor moves in the Turbos.
The music, as usual, is great. The fourth combo is a total blast (includes elbow jabs and side-kicks), and the music fits the moves perfectly. The major song for this combo is “Boom I got your Boyfriend,” and the lyrics have troubled some TurboFire fans.
The Cool Down and Stretch are very short, under 3 minutes-- I prefer this timing. I do not like the longer cool down/stretches on some of the other Fire workouts. The 10 minute stretch can be added if one wants a longer stretch.

Instructor Comments:
Chalene has great energy as usual, and when she says her TurboFire "You're not tired" mantra, you believe her!