Turbo Fire: Fire 55 EZ Class

Chalene Johnson
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance

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WOW! I am working my way through the TF basic and advanced set right now and this is the fourth I've tried and my favorite so far. 55 minutes of pure sweaty fun! I'm not sure why the "EZ" is in the title because this workout is definitely not easy. It is definitely advanced level cardio, IMO. Advanced yet not "oh my god I'm dying" suck wind type cardio. The fun factor is huge. I'm not a huge hip hop fan so the music didn't bother me but it didn't really grab me either. During the warmup, the whoop factor is cranked really high, which might bother some exercisers but thankfully the crew tones it down for the main workout. As far as choreography goes, I usually am not great at getting complex choreography but can do just about anything Cathe puts out, for comparison, and I was able to pick this up the first time without using the new to class option. I was a little leery of trying TF because I had this vision of lots of "air humping" as one poster on the forum put it, and thankfully there was only a *little* air humping in one combo, lol. I highly recommend picking this set up, so far it is AWESOME and worth every penny!

Instructor Comments:
Chalene is awesome! She is the only instructor that I've ever really clicked with other than Cathe and Gilad, so it is REALLY nice to have a whole new world of workouts opened up to me. She is fun, motivating and keeps the conversation flowing without being overly chatty or annoying.