Jazzercise: Core

Judi Sheppard Missett, Shanna Missett Nelson
Year Released: 2009

Categories: Abs/Core , Floor Aerobics/Hi-Lo/Dance , Lower Body Strength

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This dvd offers a ton of variety and includes a 60 minute core cardio workout, a 30 minute premix version and a bonus floor and standing core section! Judy alternates leading this fun core cardio workout with the 2 background exercisers- all do a great job and offer unique routines!An optional exercise ball is required for the floor cardio w/o but a modifer shows the exercises done on the floor.

Great music and great energy make this a fantastic way to get both cardio & core workout done in a variety of time options to fit your day! All three instructors keep this workout fun and upbeat and really offer a live class feel! Exercises include: football shuffles, cardio lunge & punch, punch & kick combos, shimmy, jacks, shuffle, knee pulls, rocking horse, hip shifts, pelvic thrusts, and hip isolations. The instructors do a great job of adding in core targeted moves to fun cardio exercises. This workout is fast paced and really keeps you moving without being complicated or hard to follow.

I rate this an intermediate workout that is suitable for all fitness levels. The instructors offer modifications for all the high impact moves. I love core + cardio workouts- why not burn some calories while hitting those abs? This workout is so much more fun and effective that boring crunches. The variety of exercises keep you moving and hit all the core muscles in a new & effective way! So many time and w/o varieties are offered on this dvd making it great as a stand alone workout or to add on to other workouts!



This workout DVD is AWESOME!!! I decided my New Years resolution was to become more fit, watch my eating habits, and exercise more. I had found Jazzercise in the Fall and went to live classes, but was only able to go once a week due to schedules. So I decided to get some DVD's. Since January 1st, I have completely blown away my personal weight goal, (I’ve lost a total of 25.8lbs now…and I think I reached the original goal of 17lbs in the beginning of April…lol) and have toned up and lost so many inches, I’m seeing a body I never….EVER….thought possible. Buying clothes in sizes I never thought I would wear(losing weight is the best excuse to shop!!! Hee hee) , AND….I actually LOVE working out!!! Another thing that I never knew I had in me. I guess it just took finding the right work out!

This DVD has 4 different workouts that you can alternate to suit your schedule or just if you feel like it! There's a 60 minute Full Body Workout, 30 Minute Core Blast, Standing Strength, and On the Floor Strength Workout. If you have a hard time with coordination, or don't have any dance experience, it might be a good idea to check out Jazzercise's website under "learn the moves", to get a grasp of some of the lingo & basic moves you will be doing. But even without learning the moves 1st, the instructors are pretty easy to follow, and I found that each time got easier.

It is pretty high impact, but they always let you know how to do the moves, but low impact, if you need that option.
You WILL sweat, you WILL WORK....HARD....but the results are so worth it! This definitely is a must have to tone and tighten not just your core, but your whole body!!

I started noticing results pretty much after a week of doing 30 minutes every other day. Then once I added in the strength workouts, and worked my way up to the 60 minute one, the toning REALLY began!
Definitely worth the $$!!!

Instructor Comments:
There are 3 instructors in this DVD, and they alternate sets. Judi (founder & owner) Shanna (co-owner), and Chere. All three are top notch in their instruction! They explain the moves well, and are very motivating. In each set, they typically break up the sequence at first to show you the moves, then put them all together for the remainder of the song/set. I bounce back and forth as to which of these 3 ladies are my favorites. Judi is just so sweet and motivating, Shanna does a lot of the "hoppy" routines, and Chere does the major strength routines that you can FEEL as you are doing it. All in all the combo is perfect!