One On One: Volume 2 #12 - Upper Body Balance

Tony Horton
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Abs/Core , Upper Body Strength

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This is the last of the volume 2 workouts. Tony does one push up move followed by one core move. For most exercises, he does 20 to 30 reps.

The workout is 52:39 minutes long. Tony does it barefoot. The push up moves use medicine balls and stability balls, and they are tough!

Warm up
1. Stability ball push ups (feet on chair, hands on ball)
2. Superman V Up (superman, roll onto back, V up, roll back onto stomach)
3. Impossible push up (feet on stability ball, hands on one med ball--for me, this one really was impossible)
4. Row your boat (sitting, push arms and feet forward and back)
5. 2 ball push up (hands on 2 med balls, feet stacked, switch feet every two reps)
6. Balancing bicycle (sitting, do regular bike crunches, feet never touch the floor)
7. 4 ball push up (hands and feet on four med balls--another tough one, but I actually eked out a set of three and a set of two)
8. Boat scissors (sitting, alternate leg raise, clapping under leg--feet never touch the floor)
9. Push up into side plank (both hands on two med balls)
10. Scissor roll up (roll up with one leg up, feet don't touch the floor, alternate legs)
11. Plyo push up on stability ball (hands on sb, push up, clap)
12. Mason twist with straight legs
13. Traveling 3 ball push up (push off and go side to side)
14. Oblique roll crunch (do one crunch, then roll to the other side)
15. Swimmer's push up (hands on two med balls, push up then swing one arm forward like you're swimming, alternating sides)
16.V Gate (sitting and balancing, open and close legs, out and in)
Bonus push up move: hands on floor on either side of a med ball, push up, push off and bring both hands to med ball at the same time and push up)

A few stretches

Tony reminds you that if this is your first time, you should modify and work your way up to the harder moves. I wasn't able to do many reps of many of the push ups, but was able to do a bit more than I thought in some cases. It is a challenging workout for sure.