Energy Step

Balazs Fuzessy
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Step Aerobics

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Balazs Fuzessy Energy Step

I did this one this morning. I'll just give you overall impressions and facts.

Balazs is from Budapest and is a great dancer. He does not cue as well as Rebecca Small, but well enough to get the job done, IMO. The Evolution set has a hot pink background in this workout and the music is the same as in most of the last Evolution batch. Backup girls are Lindsay and Jessie.

After a short warmup combo Balazs teaches 3 symmetrical 32-count combos add-on style with lots of spins and turns. At the end, he TIFTs all combos a couple of times and then splits them. The workout runs right at 50 minutes and the DVD also has bonus blocks, an interview with Balazs, Evolution previews, and the documentary on making an Evolution DVD.

There is no cool down or stretch.

Carol L