DG's Spanish Step

Daniel Gonzales
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Step Aerobics

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Daniel Gonzales Spanish Step

I revisited DG's step workout this morning; it's a very fun workout. This time the Evolution set/backdrop is green. Daniel and his two backup girls (Lindsay and Mirella) wear black and red outfits. Most of the music is the same as in the last batch of Evolutions; towards the end there is a different track than I've heard before. Daniel cues in English and Spanish but always enough English so you know what to do. He doesn't cue as well as Rebecca Small, but not many do! I like how he "grows" the combos (add-on style teaching). Like most of the Evolution presenters, he uses lots of spins and turns.

The workout clocks in at about 55 minutes. Here's the breakdown:
Block 1 - warmup (about 8 minutes)
Block 2 - symmetrical 16 count combo
Block 3 - symmetrical 16 count combo, then blocks 2 & 3 together
Block 4 - asymmetrical 32 count combo (I like this one the best)
Block 5 - symmetrical 16 count combo
Block 6 - Blocks 1,2,3, and 4 together
Block 7 - asymmetrical 16 count combo, then all blocks together
Block 8 - Blocks 4 through 7 split with a few more turns, then ALL blocks together

No cool down or stretch. You also get an interview with Daniel and the other Evolution extras (previews and bonus blocks, etc.)

Carol L