Hard Candy

Neon, Elisheva
Year Released: 2010

Categories: Bellydance

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Well, I am reviewing this after having already done Love Potion and Hard Candy, so this one will be a bit shorter. I sort of expected all of these workouts to be pretty much the same – yes, they are all “bellydance” workouts, the instructors are pretty much in each workout, and the chaptering for each DVD is superb, but the similarity ends there … which makes glad to have them ALL in my collection!

As mentioned, the DVD is well chaptered; you can go to either the Tutorial or straight to the Practice Flow. The Tutorial includes Chest Slides / Chest Lifts, Pelvic Drops / Pelvic Tucks, Vertical Hip Slides / Horizontal Hip Slides, Chest Circles / Hip Circles, Pelvic Circles / Pelvic Diamonds (aka pelvic squares), Undulations / Reverse Undulations, Hip Lifts and Drops (first without steps, then with steps), Hip Extension Steps, Hip Arcs, Vertical Hips, Infinity Loops, and Shimmies. One cool thing about the Tutorial is after you watch the move being demonstrated, the DVD takes you to the Practice Flow where you see the same move as part of a longer dance routine … sorta puts it all into context!

As with the other DVD’s the stage was draped in rich jewel tones, the costumes were impressively lush, and the music was inspiring! Another great bellydance workout for my ever-growing collection!

Instructor Comments:
Neon was friendly and accessible

Debbie J