Tae Bo Amped Core Express

Billy Blanks
Year Released: 2007

Categories: Boxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts

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This is a 30 min standing core workout that uses Billy's 3 lb "amplifier bar." I used the 4 lb portion of the sculpting stick cuz thats all I had and it worked nicely. Billy works out with a handful of backgrounders in a room w/ an Asian feel- screen type windows in the background, Asian characters on the walls, and red carpet. Half the b/g'ers use a stick and 1/2 do not so its an optional gadget.

The workout is structured that Billy does 4 sets of 8 reps (on each side if applicable) at a moderate pace and then 4 more sets of 8 at the "amped" pace. The bar is used for the entire workout. You will see a lot of kickboxing type moves-like knee pulls, side kicks, etc. Which is nice, in some of his ab w/o's theres little to no kickboxing. He includes some nice twisting moves and knee pull variations, tap the bar to the foot, etc.

I would rate this a solid intermediate workout using the bar. The workout itsself is very good, unique moves, standing, includes some moves that will get your heartrate up a bit. I really like the work and will be using this one often. I love that there are no crunches (no floor work at all) and that the "amped" moves can get your heart rate up more than your typical ab work. I will def feel this in my obliques tomorrow.

BUT Billy is a little over the top in this one. Of course theres the counting but thats normal. Billy repeats the same sentences over and over "the floor is hot, the floor is hot, the floor is hot" seriously, he said it about 10 X. Then in the next segment he finds another key phrase to repeat. Its almost OCD-esque. And theres Shelley "yes sir" "we love you" "wooooooooooooo" etc. I could live w/out the vocals on this and the music is nothing special so I will be muting this one for future use. None of the moves would require me to have to hear Billy's cueing or instruction anyways.



This workout is one of the five that are included in the Tae Bo Amped set, which includes the 3# weighted bar. The bar is well made; it is red, padded, and is about 1.5 feet but extends to about 3 feet (the different length are used for different moves). This is classic Tae Bo: the 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 counting, the same twisting, kickboxing, fast paced cardio/toning moves adapted to the bar. Half of the class uses the bar and half does not, so you donítí need the bar to use the Amped workouts.

From my observation on the VF forum, people either like Tae Bo or they donít. I enjoy Tae Bo (I have the Billyís Bootcamp with the bands and the Amped series) but they are still overwhelming to me in terms of intensity which is why I like Core Express Ė itís only 30 minutes long. It covers ab work, arm work, has a few kicks and punches and goes at a very quick pace (although I think minutely slower than other Tae Bo Amped workouts). All of the Amped workouts (Core Express included) have four sets at a moderate pace followed by four super quick amped sets. The amped sets are SO fast that I generally stay with the moderate pace throughout.

Overall I enjoyed this workout. I like using the weighted bar and I would call this a high intermediate endurance workout. I admire Billyís genuine enthusiasm as he teaches the moves. There is his classic miscuing but it doesnít bother me. The production qualities are good and the music is a good too, although I didnít like that he used some of the same music that he did in the Amped Roc kiní Abs workout (I have only tried these two workouts from the set so far, there could have been more repeat music that I am unaware of). I liked the music itself but he could have had more variety. I liked the workout and it had good variety but for a ďcoreĒ workout I hoped he had done more classic Tae Bo standing ab work! Overall grade B+.

Instructor Comments:
I enjoy Billy as an instructor because heís obviously passionate and enthusiastic about fitness, he gives good form pointers, and looks into the camera to encourage you to keep at the exercise, and to stop if you need to but they will be there waiting when you get back. He does have the counting issue but it actually wasnít so bad in Core Express.

Emily B.