Bouncin' In the House

Blanche Black
Year Released: 2002

Categories: Rebounding

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This DVD presents a 20-minute cardio rebounder workout plus a separately filmed stretch of about 13 minutes. It is self-described as a beginner-level workout. A rebounder is required for the cardio portion, and a mat, a strap, and a chair (or something similar for balance) for the stretch.

The workout is led solo by Blanche Black, instructing live. For the cardio portion she is outdoors in a pretty setting with green grass and trees in the background. It’s a windy day, but that doesn’t interfere with Blanche’s voice and kind of adds some drama to the scene. The music is quite good, a little more sophisticated than the usual exercise tunes, and it is well-balanced with Blanche’s instruction.

This workout is designed for someone new to rebounding. It begins with a lengthy list of tips for the rebounding beginner (unfortunately there is no chapter point so that you can skip this part for subsequent viewings). Blanche then warms up for a few minutes on the ground before actually getting onto the rebounder.

Blanche recommends jumping just three minutes during the first week of using her DVD, six minutes during week two, 12 minutes for week three, and only at week four going the full 20 minutes. During the workout she lets you know when your time is up if you are following this schedule. For the first “week” she keeps everything at a “contact” bounce (toes not leaving the rebounder mat). She adds “air” in the second week, and the pace picks up when she starts a new “week.”

The moves are kept simple (e.g. basic bounces, feet out and in, kicks to the front, side and back, occasionally adding in arm patterns), and Blanche counts down to each change. She also incorporates several jogging intervals for added intensity. By the way, she doesn’t use or suggest hand or ankle weights. She jumps barefoot but notes shoes are fine too. Throughout the workout Blanche also gives reminders about form.

The stretch portion is filmed indoors, and concentrates mainly on the lower body. It is a very basic stretch routine (nothing new or exotic) but well-presented with the stretches held for a good amount of time. It is a nice routine for those new to working out. I wish Blanche had omitted the little commercial at the beginning, though.

Bottom line: I’m an intermediate exerciser with cranky knees, so I have been experimenting with rebounding as a cardio alternative. I’m definitely more beginner level at rebounding, and even though I can complete the 20-minute routine, I must admit I’m pretty wiped by the end! I would recommend this DVD to those new to rebounding, especially older beginner exercisers.

My copy of this workout is DVD-R, and that is how it is listed at Amazon. The cardio and stretch portions are separately chaptered, and there are five-minute chapter points during the cardio workout.

Blanche Black has created a number of fitness DVDs, including three more rebounding ones and several chair exercise routines.

Instructor Comments:
Blanche Black is a lady of a “certain age” (late 50’s?) who presents in a comfortable, humorous and unpretentious manner. Don’t be fooled, though – this lady is seriously fit! Her website is